Summary of the 28th Teacher's Day Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. In the golden autumn of September, there is a feeling of gratitude for teachers in the air.Respecting teachers and respecting education is an eternal virtue.In the past, present and future, all teachers should enjoy respect and blessings.In order to make teachers enjoy and enjoy this Teacher's Day, our school has carried out a variety of celebrations, which are summarized as follows: 1. Class-based celebrations have become a highlight A class teacher meeting was organized by the Department of Political Science and Education. It was requested to celebrate the last class in the afternoon of September 10.Class celebrations are diverse in form, rich in content and clear in theme. Theme teams such as "Thanksgiving for the motherland" and "Candle Ode" will be the highlights of class celebrations.In the form of songs and poems recitation, it fully expresses students'gratitude to teachers, and creates a relaxed and harmonious teacher-student relationship and a good educational atmosphere. 2. Publicize excellent teachers'demeanor, advocate respecting teachers and respecting new teaching styles, and create a strong festival atmosphere by using various forms such as window display, board newspaper and broadcasting.At the flag-raising ceremony, Mr. Li made a speech under the national flag of "Feeling the Grace of Teachers'Cultivation and Setting Up the Way to Success".Young teachers celebrate this Teacher's Day with activities in return for society.They cut nails and wrap schoolcovers for students. They are very popular with students and have won praise from parents. 3. Theme Team Meeting of "Thank you, Teacher, for your love" Teachers'Day is celebrated in various ways by the theme team meeting of "Thank you, Teachers, for your love". 1In the lower grades, the activities of submitting satisfactory answers to teachers should be carried out.On Teacher's Day, young students put their neat homework in front of their teachers early in the morning. Teachers see the perfect homework of their students, and their faces show a happy smile. students make 2Middle-aged greeting cards for teachers themselves on Teachers'Day. When students send beautiful greeting cards to their teachers, the teachers see the words "Happy Teachers' Day" and "Teachers are working hard" on the cards. The teachers are very surprised. They feel that the students are big and sensible. 3In senior grade, Thanksgiving activities were carried out. Students were happy to do something meaningful for their teachers. Some students came to school early in the morning to clean the office for their teachers. Some students brought hot water for their teachers. These activities moved the teachers and drew the distance between teachers and students. 4. Mines, communities and other major personal schools to carry out heart-to-heart activities.At 4 p.m. on September 10, leaders at all levels and all teachers gathered in the school conference hall to celebrate their own festivals. At 5 p.m., leaders of mines, communities and schools, Party members, teachers and young teachers gathered to hold tea parties and symposiums. Everyone spoke freely, expressed their opinions and carried out heart-to-heart talks.During the symposium, many teachers put forward many valuable opinions and suggestions for the school. The leaders expressed their heartfelt thanks and expressed that they would make timely corrections. 3. Care for teachers in an allround way and wish them a bright future. School leaders are not only concerned about teachers'work, but also about teachers' life and health.The school organized a celebration meeting for all on-thejob faculty members.At the meeting, the school leaders fully affirmed the hard work of all faculty members in the past year and sent their festival wishes. They hoped that all faculty members would work together to create a new situation in our school's education and teaching work.The headmaster pointed out that we have achieved some results in our current work and have been recognized by the society and parents, but while we are gratified, we should always pay attention to our own shortcomings. We should always check and correct the existing problems by comparing ourselves with the relevant laws and policies, so as to strive for everyone to find greater

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