Summary of Personal Work of Excellent Teachers Chapter 1: Summary of Personal Work of Excellent Teachers Summary of Personal Work of Excellent Teachers - Suixi Seven Little Xingqin Time passes by inadvertently, standing on the platform of the classroom every day, there are always endless words and endless trifles to do.It seems that there are some stoppers in drawing up a pen to sum up.In the past semester, there have been no sensational events or sudden bright tracks.Ordinary life gives me more thinking!I like children, like every student, but not all the time like all students.I love work, but not all the time.Fortunately, I am a responsible person.I think I have good qualities: self-determination, self-discipline and selfimprovement.Class management and teaching, I can accomplish independently; school routines, I can do well by self-discipline; my own life, I pursue selfimprovement.I said proudly: I did it!First, in class management and teaching, I always adhere to the following principles: 1. Set an example and be a teacher.Teachers'actions, words and deeds directly exert a subtle influence on students.Educators at all times and in all countries emphasize that teaching by example is better than teaching by words. Teachers should do it first, and do it better and more demonstratively, setting an example for students invisibly.Especially the head teacher, his world outlook, his moral character, his behavior and his attitude to every phenomenon affect all students in one way or another.Chernishevsky said: "Teachers should be the kind of people who make students."I hope that my students will become useful talents who are positive, innovative, not afraid of difficulties, treat people honestly, have compassion and responsibility, do everything well, and have a certain psychological endurance, and I must first make myself such a person.Students are a group with imitative power. They always observe the teacher's every move, and imitate in some aspects. Therefore, teachers must play a exemplary role in front of students.I remember in a general cleaning, in order to make every student can seriously and responsibly complete the task, I first picked up a rag, take the lead in cleaning the glass, and strive to clean.Action is a silent language, without any stimulating language, it has fully mobilized the enthusiasm of students to work, consciously according to the division of labor of teachers, and work vigorously, and in terms of quality requirements than teachers, to see who works faster and better.Facts have proved that in the education work, we should strive to be honest first and set an example for students in current affairs.For example: educating students to abide by the law and discipline, teachers can not break the law and discipline; educating students not to be afraid of dirty, tired, teachers must be hands-on, bear hardships before others, do a good job of student leaders, otherwise, even if you say smallpox, head is the way, and do not pay attention to self-cultivation, will not get satisfactory results.2. Be good at thinking, exploring actively and practicing bravely.In my year as head teacher in the management of class management practice, I found that the class cadres are only a minority of the whole class, for many students are not cadres, their ability is bound to not be trained.For this reason, after extensive listening to opinions and discussions, I solemnly proposed at the class cadres'meeting whether we could implement the "rotation system" to give every student a chance.This activity aroused the enthusiasm of students to participate in class management extensively. For a while, the class atmosphere became active, and learning, discipline and activities all had a new look.In this way, almost every student in the class has served as a cadre, not only to cultivate the ability of all students, but also to make students realize the true meaning of "cadre".Through this activity, the cohesion among students has been greatly enhanced, and the sense of collective honor has also been greatly enhanced.At the same time, this is the best reward for underachievers.A qualified head teacher can not only do a good job in the work of outstanding students, but also do a good job in the transformation of underachievers.And this is a very good way, they will try to prove their ability in the management of class work.3. Trust and respect students.The desire for understanding and trust is a normal nee

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