Summary of Professional and Technical Work Zhou Fulin, a teacher of Hengshui No.2 Middle School I participated in the work in August 2010 and have been actively exploring learning on the educational front. During the eight years of teaching practice, my ideological awareness and professional level have been greatly improved, and I have made some achievements in education, teaching, teaching and research.In November 2014, he was appointed as a second-level teacher.Since my work, I have been diligent, conscientious and conscientious in fulfilling the duties of teachers in an all-round way. I have accomplished the task of teaching and educating people, managing and educating people, and successfully accomplished my task.The work is summarized as follows. I. Political and Ideological Expressions We firmly support the leadership of the Communist Party of China, love our motherland and adhere to the Party's basic line.We should adhere to the study of Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", earnestly implement the scientific development concept, continuously improve our political and theoretical qualities, and constantly discipline ourselves and urge ourselves with the requirements of a Communist Party member.Dare to fight against all kinds of wrong words and deeds. In any case, ideologically and politically, they always keep a high degree of consistency with the Party Central Committee.It plays a leading role in education and teaching. We should constantly strengthen the cultivation of teachers'morality, be faithful to the education of the Party and the people, implement the Party's educational policy, adhere to the reform of education and teaching, love students, discover the shining points of students, and cultivate students' specialties.I actively participated organizational in allocation various and political successfully activities, obeyed accomplished all the my tasks.Being loyal to duty, uniting comrades, caring for the collective, having a decent style, abiding by discipline and law, being selfrestrained, serving as a model for teachers, and having a strong sense of career and responsibility for education and teaching. II. Educational and Teaching Work As a teacher, we should not only impart students'knowledge, but also cultivate students' healthy ideological and moral character, noble moral sentiment, good psychological quality, cultivate their ability of collaboration and innovation, so that they gradually have the consciousness of self-study. Whether as a subject teacher or a class teacher, I have paid attention to both teaching and educating people.Although I have attained the undergraduate degree prescribed by the state, I am not satisfied with it. I often take part in professional training, insist on continuing education of teachers, constantly improve my professional knowledge and professional level, and enhance my "internal strength". In the teaching work, I have solid and systematic basic theory and rich practical experience, can fully understand the requirements of curriculum standards, skillfully grasp the internal links of knowledge in different grades and other related disciplines, actively participate in the practice of the new curriculum reform, and have formed certain characteristics in teaching methods and put forward different ideas for different students.Requirements, differentiated treatment, teaching students in accordance with their aptitude, promote the development of students'personality.In the process of teaching, we should pay attention to the cultivation of students'independence and autonomy, guide students to question, investigate and explore, learn in practice, and study actively and individually under the guidance of teachers.Fully respecting students'personality, paying attention to individual differences and meeting the learning needs of different students not only alleviate the burden of students, but also cultivate students' ability to master and use knowledge. Students always maintain abundant energy and strong interest in learning their own teaching subjects, and their academic performance, ideological understanding and practical ability have been improved rapidly.At the same time, we should learn from our peers and draw on the strengths of others. Our business level has been greatly improved.In order to develop studen

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