Summary of Teachers'Personal Ethics Work in 2017 Guidance:This paper summarizes the work of personal teachers'ethics in 2017 for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. Looking back on the past year, we are full of pride and enthusiasm, ushering in the XXth anniversary of the founding of the Republic.With the help of colleagues concerned by the school leaders, I saw my problems, found my shortcomings, and constantly improved the level of business, formulated practical rectification measures to improve them, and devoted myself to school work with a fuller spirit and a more pragmatic style.Looking forward to the New Year, we are passionate! In the new year, I will continue to adhere to the people-oriented, diligent, down-to-earth attitude to treat my work to broaden my horizon, broaden my horizon, draw on the strengths of others, make up for my weaknesses, and standardize my education and teaching work with "teacher's ethics", and take being a good teacher as the motto of my work. Now I will summarize the work of the semester as follows.1. Teachers'morality shows concern for the collective and school is their home.In response to the school's call, actively participate in various activities organized by the school, pay attention to the study of political theory, and actively approach the Party organization.Cooperate with the group to do a good job in teaching and research activities, seize every learning opportunity to improve their professional level.Participate in the flag raising ceremony on time every week, never absent from work.Subordinate to school arrangements, harmonious interpersonal relationship.Full attendance this academic year.Caring and loving students and being good friends of children.I remember someone once said to us: "Although you are facing dozens of students, their level of competence varies, but in the eyes of parents they are the only one, is perfect, we do not want to divide children into grades in our hearts, that is unfair to children.Say that our teacher's profession is sacred because our work is totally conscience work, there is no way to accurately measure it! "I agree with this person's words, so I use love to water the tender flowers, strict requirements in the classroom, after class every child is my friend, a year's efforts in exchange for children's happy smiles.2. Teaching 1. Actively participate in the teaching and research activities organized by the teaching and research department at the beginning of the preparatory period. According to the requirements, prepare the lessons two weeks in advance and write the teaching plan.When preparing lessons, we should study the textbooks and reference materials carefully, study the syllabus well, and learn and consult with the teachers of the same year group modestly.Make every effort to understand the textbooks and find out the key and difficult points.In order to have a good lesson, I look up information, focus on the advantages of others to determine their own teaching ideas, often bring work to home.In order to make students feel the knowledge more intuitively.2. The premise of a good class in class is to prepare well before class, not to fight unprepared battles.In class, we should give serious lectures, try to grasp the key points, break through the difficulties and give concise lectures.Using proceeding from various teaching students'reality, methods we should and pay attention to arousing students' learning enthusiasm and creative thinking, so as to enable students to draw inferences from one another.Cultivate the learning interest of students with learning difficulties, find excellent students with difficult questions, find middle-level students with general questions, and always find answers for students with learning difficulties.When visiting the desk, pay attention to face-to-face counseling for students with learning difficulties, and make timely after-school notes to find out the shortcomings.3. Counseling me to use after-school time to guide students, not understand the patience of the explanation, can not write handto-hand teaching, timely check for deficiencies and make up for omissions, while making a detailed record.And contact with parents, timely communication, so that parents know the situation, so as to provide guidance for children at home.4. Homework according

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