Summary of Summer Social Practice Guidance:This article is a summary of summer social practice. If you think it's very good, you are welcome to comment and share! [Part 1: Summary of the work of the College Students'Summer Social Practice Mission] Dear leaders, teachers and dear students: Good morning, everyone! Responding to the slogan of "caring for agriculture, rural areas, basic education and children of migrant workers" in the National College Students'summer social practice in 2010, under the correct leadership of Zhangye Women's Federation and Hexi College, and with the vigorous care and support of Shandan County, Chinese Department of Hexi College, Dongle Township, Shanyang Castle Village and Shanyang Castle Primary School, etc."Love Goat Castle, Care for Left-behind Children" Hexi College Chinese Department of young volunteers to Shandan Goat Castle Love Primary School summer teaching work has been carried out smoothly and effectively, support work not only welcomed by students, but also by the local people's recognition and praise.At the end of the support work, we are here to hold a grand "Zhangye Women's Federation, Hexi College Department of Leftbehind Children Care Action" Summary Conference.On behalf of all the members of the Mission, I would like to make the following report on the work of the young volunteers from the Chinese Department of Hexi University who are going to Shandan County Goatburg Aixin Primary School in summer. First, the basic situation: the young volunteers from the Chinese Department of Hexi University are going to Shandan County Goatburg Aixin Primary School in summer. They are composed of a leading teacher and 11 classmates. There are 12 students, including 4 boys and 4 girls.8 students.At the end of June, the Chinese Language Department began to prepare for the social practice of caring for left-behind children in summer. After careful planning, it submitted to the Chinese Language Department and the School Youth League Committee for approval and approval in early July.Because we don't know much about the general situation of left-behind children in Zhangye City, we take the initiative to contact the Women's Federation of Zhangye City. With the strong support of the Women's Federation of Zhangye City, students'admission to school, classroom arrangement, board and lodging of the support group, daily office and other aspects have provided us with many conveniences.It is precisely because of the effective guarantee of the previous work that we smoothly devote ourselves to the normal teaching work on the second day of our arrival.At present, there are 105 students in our school, 97 of whom are from our school. Because of free teaching, more than 10 students from other schools also come to our school to study.We implement full free and compulsory teaching, and do not charge students any fees. The normal expenditure is approved and allocated by the Youth League Committee of Hexi University and the Department of Chinese Language.2. Strictly implement the original teaching management arrangements and carry out characteristic teaching.Our daily teaching management is carried out according to the original schedule. In the morning, basic cultural courses such as Chinese, Mathematics, English and Society are taught.In the afternoon, we will carry out teaching activities of music, dance, sports, fine arts and reading.In daily teaching, the instructor acts as the head of the teaching group, and establishes a strict system of examination of teaching plans, listening to classes, feedback and training of teaching skills, so as to truly achieve the goal of "responsible teaching and efficient teaching".During the extracurricular activities, we carefully organized sports activities. On July 25, we launched interesting sports competitions of "I love sports" and "I love learning", and awarded outstanding groups and individuals.On July 27, a song-and-dance party with the theme of "The Sound of Singing" was held.In order to test the previous teaching results, we organized a phased examination on August 1.In order to embody the care for left-behind children and enhance the friendship between teachers and students, the related activities of Zhangye Women's Federation and Hexi College will be held today to fully demonstrate our teaching achievements.3. Strengthen management and enhance the sense of

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