Summary of Class Work in Small Classes in the Next Semester (1) In a twinkling of an eye, a tense and full term is coming to an end.Looking back on this semester, busy and happy work in our class under the unity and cooperation of three teachers, has achieved good results.This semester, we have earnestly done all kinds of work, and actively completed the tasks assigned in the park. In order to do better work, the work of this semester is summarized as follows: I. Educational and Teaching Work This semester, I continue to be in charge of teaching with Mr. Huang.The new Outline puts forward that "kindergarten is the place where children grow up and learn. It should provide healthy and rich living and activity environment for children to meet their needs in many ways, so that they can acquire experience which is easy for their physical and mental development in happy childhood life".Around the spirit of this program, we have carried out a series of activities. characteristics of Last semester, children's in weak view of the self-service consciousness, we carried out our own work in this semester, which greatly improved children's selfservice consciousness.In education and teaching activities, teacher Huang and I cooperate closely and communicate with each other. In view of the situation of children in our class, we carry out safety education, civilized and polite education, solidarity and friendship education in teaching activities and daily life, which further improves the level of children on the basis of last semester.Since one semester, the feedback of children's learning tells us that our teaching content, teaching methods and various games are applicable to the development level of children in our class.It's also their favorite interest.In addition, we have carried out various meaningful activities for young children. II. Conventional Education We attach great importance to the regular training of children.This semester, in our curriculum, we will improve children's good living and hygiene habits, such as entering, leaving the garden, entering the toilet, washing hands, drinking water, taking a nap, polite language, etc. In addition, we will teach children to do what they can, and do their own things, such as folding quilts, dressing and so on.Because of our unified requirements and management, the children in our class have made remarkable progress and improvement in various routine aspects.We also cultivate children's good learning routines through various ways, so that children are willing to participate in various collective activities, focus on; will love toys and not compete with others, will clean up after playing, tidy up; learn to express their wishes in language, like reading, learning the right way to read, and so on. III. Health Care We insist on cleaning tables and chairs, toy cabinets, window sills and other places that children often contact with with disinfectant water every day, disinfecting children's cups and towels every day, and the doorman regularly turns on ultraviolet light, creating a good, hygienic and clean environment for children's life.In the morning examination and daily life, through careful observation and timely detection of children's abnormalities and proper treatment, treat sick children on time for their medication, more care and consideration for them.Children in small classes are small, and individual children have poor self-care ability. Teachers always tirelessly feed their children at mealtimes every day.Help children take off their clothes and cover their quilts in spring and winter lunch break, get up and help them put on their clothes, comb their hair and check whether their shoes are anti-clothes; Help children cover their quilts in summer lunch break so as not to catch a cold due to the fan or air-conditioning and turn off the air-conditioner or fan in time; There is always a teacher in the toilet to look after the children when they are older or urinating, and then don't wear clothes for them in time.Take clothes and raise trousers; wipe the children with runny nose in time; wash the children with vomiting or pulling or scattering on them in time, and understand the reasons; notify parents of the illness in time, and never delay the diagnosis and treatment of the children's illness. IV. Safety Work Safeguarding the personal safety of every child is the responsibility and res

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