Summary of Sexual Invasion Prevention Work in Schools Chapter 1: Preventive Sexual Infringement Summary of Preventive Sexual Infringement Work Summary of Lihua Primary School in recent years, the incidents of sexual harassment and sexual abuse of primary school girls frequently occur, how to care for girls and protect girls is a serious problem.In order to make female children understand how to better protect themselves against changes in the body when they enter puberty and how to do a good job of self-esteem and self-love security.In accordance with the requirements of the Bureau of Education, our school organized a lecture on the prevention of sexual assault from May 25 to June 5. The leaders of our school paid special attention to it, and psychological teachers gave counseling in batches.Activities were divided into low-level group and high-level group.Psychological counseling teachers arrange different lectures according to the characteristics of the years, and make lively and interesting courseware, which is organized and carried out by different grades through games, stories and stories.This theme education activity has strengthened the knowledge of self-protection of female students, and set up a correct outlook on health, safety and life.A sixth grade student said, "Learning these knowledge is very helpful to herself. It helps us girls to know more about the potential dangers, and then prevent them effectively. Once we meet the situation, we can use the knowledge we have learned to cope with it."To educate and guide children in self-protection strategies and methods from childhood, so that they have certain self-protection skills in the face of danger, so that they can cope with such incidents calmly, reduce or avoid personal injury.This is the responsibility of the family, the school and the whole society.Fifth grade female students are playing warm-up games.Psychological teachers are giving lectures on prevention of aggression to female students in sixth grade.This is a lecture on the prevention of infringement in the class.Chapter 2: Summary of the work of preventing sexual assault and protecting children Summary of the work of preventing sexual assault and protecting children According to the Opinions on Preventing Sexual assault of Children and Adolescents issued jointly by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Public Security, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League and the All-China Women's Federation, our school collectively watched the "preventive nature" of primary and secondary school students in Enshi City on January 6, XX, in accordance with the unified deployment and requirements of the higher educationVideo lecture on invading, protecting children and embracing beautiful youth.Starting from the actual work, we should conscientiously carry out the functions and functions, take the work of building a safe society and preventing sexual abuse of children as the key measures to build a harmonious society, effectively safeguard and promote the healthy and orderly development of schools, and make the work of preventing sexual abuse of children and adolescents in our school achieve ideal results. The report is as follows: 1. Improve the institutions and strengthen leadership.Guide.The school has set up a centralized leadership group for the prevention of sexual assault, headed by the principal, to strengthen leadership, clarify tasks, and implement them vigorously, so as to ensure that the prevention of sexual assault among children and adolescents is carried out in an orderly manner.2. Recognize the position and publicize it in depth.We should earnestly do a good job in publicity and education, laying a foundation for centralized and special governance.Combining with the comprehensive management of social security and the construction of safe campus, propaganda and study of knowledge related to the prevention of sexual abuse of children and adolescents.The whole school has formed a strong atmosphere to prevent sexual abuse of children and adolescents.3. Deeply carry out special rectification activities: 1. Do a good job of prevention of sexual assault education scientifically.Through classroom teaching, class and team meetings, theme activities and other forms of sexual knowledge education, prevention of sexual assault education, improve the awareness of teachers, students and parents of sexual assault crime.Publicize "Parent's Notice for Child Protection" and "Chil

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