Summary of School Health Work in 2016 Chapter 1: Summary of School Health Work in 2016 Summary of School Health Work in 2016 Summary of School Health Work in 2016 Summary of the 20XX First semester has passed. With the concern and support of the leadership of our school health work, the joint efforts of all teachers and students, the campus environment, health awareness, health habits and other aspects have made significant progress or improvement on the basis of the original reasons. Now school health work will be carried out.Life work is summarized as follows. Please provide valuable advice.1. Leaders attach importance to it and teachers work together.School health work is an organic part of school work and one of the important contents of implementing quality education to train cross-century talents.Therefore, the leaders of our school attach great importance to health work and put it on the important agenda in conjunction with the activities of creating the most satisfactory unit for the people.The school has set up a leading group of health work, the head of which is the secretary, and the members are team counselors, health teachers and grade leaders.Leading members have clear division of responsibilities. Vice-principals are responsible for the quality of health education courses, campus construction, environmental hygiene, team counselors are responsible for supervision and inspection of day-to- day birth, health teachers are responsible for hygiene propaganda, prevention and treatment of common diseases.The person in charge of the grade section is responsible for inspecting and supervising the health and teaching work of the grade concerned, and the health leading group members cooperate with each other.All teachers participate in school health work, and all departments work together and cooperate with each other.The work should be planned, arranged, inspected and summarized.In order to put the work into practice, this semester has set up a Red Cross service team to assist the clinic to carry out inspection and supervision in an all-round way. Therefore, corresponding measures have been formulated, including three inspections a day (environmental hygiene), one major health inspection a week, one evaluation a month and one praise a semester (single advanced health class).The weight of the school plays an important role in teachers'minds. The better the school hygiene work is, the better the school hygiene work is. There is no paper scraps on the basic ground from morning to night, no dust in the classroom, and personal hygiene is getting better year by year.2. Make a good plan of school health work, strengthen basic education, cultivate good habits and raise awareness of health care.It is an important part of health education to systematically impart health and health knowledge to students through health education courses.In order to make the overburdened students interested in the boring health knowledge, we must work hard in the classroom teaching.Therefore, on the basis of familiarity with the textbooks, we have prepared a lot of materials related to classroom teaching.In the process of teaching, examples and stories are used to attract students'attention, and sometimes witty language is used to create a humorous atmosphere, so that students can acquire health knowledge in bursts of laughter and relaxed environment.Adolescent health knowledge is an important component of health education.It is to improve students'awareness of the importance and necessity of adolescent health knowledge through health education.Make them realize that adolescence is the most beautiful, important and critical period of life.With the rapid changes of their physiology and psychology, especially the changes of sexual physiology and psychology.Adolescence is often a mysterious period of life.If we can not understand these physiological changes scientifically, it will affect our study, life and health.To cherish adolescence, we must learn the health knowledge of adolescence.Master the basic knowledge of adolescent health care.In order to promote their own healthy development.In order to enable students to further grasp the knowledge of adolescent health, deepen understanding.In the process of teaching, we can make good use of audio-visual education.Combine the theoretical knowledge of books with adolescent videos.According to the different physiological characteristics of male and female students, special s

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