Summary of Sales Personnel's Work in July Hello, readers, this document is collected from the Internet. Welcome to download it. Thank you. Overall, I'm not satisfied with myself, but I'm also a little relieved by what I've learned and the progress I've made during this period.Below is a summary of September sales staff work collected by Xiaobian. I hope you will read it carefully. [1] It has been more than a month since the salesman's work summary joined XX unconsciously. In this month, there are both bitterness and sweetness. Generally speaking, I am not satisfied with myself, but during this period, I feel a little gratified by what I have learned and the progress I have made.Next, I will summarize my past work in a few points. I. Business development     8Month XX month, including two weeks of systematic product training.In other words, there are only two weeks of business visits.As a new entrant to society, I choose universities and research institutions as the object of business development.I made business visits in the direction that the old salesman gave me guidance.During this period, my only purpose is to accumulate customer resources, because only with strong customer resources, can we find more sales opportunities and ensure sales. Developing customers is a long time.Most of our customers have a period of letters to us, especially colleges and research institutes, because of its unlimited potential, many peers are regarded as a strong driving force to ensure sales.Therefore, as universities and research institutes, we must do a good job in fighting a protracted war.At the beginning, the senior salesman gave me a telephone directory and asked me to call for a visit. Because I had not done this kind of work before, there were still many problems when I called. I stumbled through about 20 phone calls, so I went to visit customers with information. When I first visited customers, I didn't know how to mine the purchase information.Later, by learning from senior sales, I gradually learned a little about the skills of mining information.I am responsible for relatively scattered, but also other senior sales relatively less investment area.For this reason, I have to look for information about my clients, including phone numbers and background information, in order to facilitate interviews.With your help, I know about 60 customers.Among them, many customers are inclined to buy, and even have business negotiations with several customers.So far, there are two business in follow-up, one is thermo centrifuge of Sun Yat-sen University (bidding has been basically completed), the other is ALP high-pressure steam sterilizer of Guangdong University of Technology. II. Problems and Difficulties in Work     1For first-time visitors, they often fail to meet customers because they have not made an appointment at the exact time.     2Despite their professional background, they are not familiar with some products, so sometimes customers can not answer some questions about products clearly, especially in terms of price.Later, I will go to check the information and ask my colleagues, and then call to answer the customer's questions.But this will waste a lot of time, sometimes can not timely answer customer questions, customers will not trust.     3Not enough communication with colleagues.Some problems, senior colleagues are easy to solve, but due to insufficient communication with colleagues, leading to the failure to solve in time, missed the best opportunity.     4In business, because I haven't received any training in this field for a long time, I haven't done very well, which makes many customers not very impressed with me.In the future, we need more visits from important customers to strengthen our business skills.    5The enthusiasm for the work is not high and the input is not enough.Lack of sales skills and mentality, visitors are still more timid.When rejected by customers, there is still a slight sense of frustration. III. Directions and Measures for Future Learning     1Make every effort to learn the skills of sales and exercise the sales mentality! ____________ Measures: In terms of sales skills, we need to learn from our work and consult our senior salesmen when we encounter problems. When senior salesmen are working, we should wake up the spirit of twelve minutes and savor their sales skills carefully.Participate in the relevant training of the company, re

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