Summary of Safety Production Monthly Activities Chapter 1: Summary of Safety Month Activities in 2015: Summary of Safety Month Activities in 2015. Summary of Safety Month Activities in 2015 is to implement the Notice of National Safety Month Activities in 2015, the Program of Safety Month Activities in 2015 for ** Energy Development Co., Ltd. and ** Wind Power Generation Co., Ltd. in 2015.In accordance with the document spirit of ** Anxin [2015] 248 "Notice on the Activities of"Safety Production Month"in 2015", in order to carry out the activities of "Safety Production Month", we should achieve "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive management".In June 2015, the Ministry of Production launched a "Safety Production Month" campaign with the theme of "Strengthening the Safety Legal System and Guaranteeing Safety Production" in combination with the actual situation. The relevant activities are summarized as follows:1.On June 1, the company issued the "Safety Production Month" program for **** Wind Power Co., Ltd. in 2015. It established a leading group with ** as the group leader, vice president as the Deputy Group leader, department directors as members, and a leading office with Zhang Asia as the deputy director of the integrated department under the activity leading group.Its responsibility is to review the "Safety Production Month" program, coordinate activities, ensure the effective development of activities; supervise and inspect the "Safety Production Month" activities; be responsible for the summary, evaluation and reporting of activities, and research and decision-making on major events in activities.2. Strengthen propaganda and carry out various forms of propaganda activities during the "Safety Production Month", the company extensively and thoroughly carried out safety propaganda activities.According to the "Safety Production Month" activity arrangement, posters such as "Occupational Disease Hazard Prevention and Control", "Team Safety Construction Ten One Activities" and "Safety in My Heart" were posted on the production sites of ** Yandun North Wind Farm and ** Shichengzi Photovoltaic Power Station.And the use of e-mail, Wechat and other means to publicize the safety law, safety knowledge, combined with security advisory day, safety learning day, concentrated teaching and learning form to increase the publicity of the safety month.On June 8, the Ministry of Production organized employees to watch safety production education warning films such as "Life Can't Return". On June 11, it participated in the safety knowledge contest organized by the company, and on June 11, it participated in the video training organized by the company. On June 15, it conducted an examination of "Electric Power Safety Operating Regulations" for its employees.On June 16, employees were organized to learn fire safety knowledge, traffic safety knowledge and self-rescue skills training in distress.Through various forms of propaganda and education, the production department has raised the safety awareness of employees and created a good atmosphere for the "Safety Production Month" activities.During the "Safety Production Month" campaign, the Ministry of Production organized a "Strengthening Outsourcing Project Management" campaign to tackle potential safety hazards, focusing on the qualification review of ** on-site missing teams, the inspection of safety education, on-site safety organizational measures and the implementation of technical measures.During the activity, the photovoltaic power plant organizes the investigation and treatment of hidden dangers throughout the plant.The potential safety hazards such as fence breakage, switch cabinet lights not on, branch grounding of shunt box, capacitor damage of inverters, and incomplete identification of inverters are investigated successively, and timely measures are taken to deal with them.The hidden danger investigation and management activities provide a strong guarantee for the safe and stable operation of the power plant.4. Exercises on emergency plans were conducted to enhance emergency handling capacity. On June 1, the Ministry of Production organized an accident drill with the theme of "broken fiber stocks in wind measuring towers".On June 14, the Ministry of Production organized a simulation drill for emergency escape of fans with the staff of ** field vacancies.Before the beginning of the drill, according to the situation of the drill, the dangerous points

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