Zhang Moumou Personal information Gender: Hamper Senior Consultant/(or other) Work/engineering experience:  1999Year to date BPR and ERP Engineering Manager, Northern Company Participated in and responsible for the implementation of civil aviation projects, is a member of the core group of ORACLE CAAC projects, participated in and assisted in the implementation of many airlines.  1996Year 1999 Financial Software Implementation of a Group in Hong Kong Implementation, Solution Design and System Examination of GL, AP, PO and INV Modules  1993Year 1996 Audit Office of China Aerospace Industry Corporation Training: Oracle Applications Training Hamper BPR Training Hamper Engineering Manager Training Speciality: Proficient in general ledger, receivable, payable, fund management, financial analysis, statement and statement module, familiar with inventory, procurement, order management module Long-term Oracle Applications implementation and use experience, strong engineering organization ability

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