Summary of Safety Month Activities Chapter 1: Summary of Safety Month Activities Summary of June "Safety Production Month" Work Summary 1. No safety accidents occurred this month.2. The "three violations" have not been detected this month.3. Complete the comprehensive inspection twice.Three special inspections (major hazards inspection, fire fighting equipment inspection, flammable and explosive products inspection, contractor inspection, etc.) are carried out according to the requirements of the Company's "Safety Production Month" Program in 2015.In light of the actual production situation, the center closely revolves around the theme of "Strengthening the safety legal system and ensuring safety in production", and solidly carries out the activities of "Safety in Production Month" in 2015.It further improves the safety awareness of all staff of the center, promotes the construction of the safety culture of the center, and lays a solid foundation for the safety production in the next step.The activities of "Safety Production Month" are summarized as follows: In order to ensure the effective implementation of the activities of this "Safety Production Month" and to maximize the effectiveness of the activities, the central leadership attaches great importance to it.The center is in accordance with the company's "Safety Production Month 2015" program issued in early June.The production meeting was used to convey the spirit of notification, and the program of "Safety Production Month" was compiled. The managers went deep into the group to use the pre-class meeting to publicize.According to the schedule and process of all kinds of activities in the plan, under the leadership of the center, all activities during the company's security month have been carefully organized and deployed, and good results have been achieved.On June 11, at 16:30 p.m., the Center organized the launching ceremony of "Safety Production Month" in the conference room of the Center.To organize and study the spirit of the Third and Fourth Plenary Sessions of the Eighteenth Central Committee of the CPC and the series of important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang on safe production.From June 12 to June 15, all employees were organized to watch three warning educational films, Typical Case Inventory of Production Safety Accidents (2O15 Edition), Life Can't Return, Hidden Trouble Shock, to analyze typical accidents, draw lessons from accidents, explain safety knowledge, strengthen safety awareness and promote safety production.On June 16, the central leadership organized the "Safety Production Month" safety production exchange.Strengthen the foundation of safety production, popularize safety production laws and regulations, disseminate new "two laws" and create a strong learning atmosphere.The center takes the company's "Safety Production Month" Program in 2015 as an opportunity.According to the actual situation of the center, we should go deep into the grass-roots teams and groups, participate in the whole staff, and comprehensively improve the safety awareness of employees.To further strengthen the publicity and education of safety in production and improve the safety awareness of employees.The activity plan of "Safety Production Month" has been worked out to ensure the effective development of "Safety Production Month" activities.In the course of rectification activities, the center organizes special inspection and management activities for Contractors'safety in response to the activities of "Safety Production Month" of the company.Through on-site inspection and guidance, the safety consciousness can be truly "penetrated into the ear, into the heart and into the brain". It can be changed from passive to active and From Heteronomy to selfdiscipline, and the phenomenon of "three violations" can be fundamentally eliminated. During the activity, safety management personnel are organized to carry out weekly comprehensive inspection and monthly major hazard source inspection in accordance with the requirements of self-checking and self-correcting of "non-governing violations".Inspection of fire fighting equipment, flammable and explosive products, contractor inspection, etc.Mainly from the implementation of safety responsibility system, site management, major hazards management and fire safety and other related management regulations or standards for inspection and evaluation, daily bas

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