Summary of Quality Monthly Work   1Leaders pay attention to and organize carefully In order to better carry out the quality month activities, on the afternoon of August 3, XX, the machinery factory held a meeting of the whole factory staf to mobilize the activities. Director Luo gave a brief description of the purpose and requirements of the quality month activities, and announced the beginning of the quality month activities.The director of the factory made a concise and concise comment on the implementation and arrangement of the quality month activities.General Su has made specific requirements for the improvement of each workshop, and the quality monthly activities officially began.Requirements should take the quality month as an opportunity to create an atmosphere in which everyone cares about quality and pays attention to quality.   2.Carry out all kinds of propaganda to improve quality consciousness In the quality month activities, various and rich publicity activities were carried out.Use propaganda boards to publicize the theme and content of quality monthly activities, popularize quality knowledge, increase propaganda eforts, so as to improve staf's quality awareness, carry out quality propaganda activities in the form of propaganda slogans, and create a good atmosphere in which everyone cares about quality and pays attention to quality.   3.Strengthen training In this quality month activity, the climax of learning was set up, which enabled the staf to establish the quality concept and improve the quality consciousness of the staf.Each workshop carries out quality training for employees through various forms.Machine shop: Operators are trained in the way of teaching by words and by deeds. Workers are required to strengthen self-inspection and strictly control the quality of parts. All workshop employees are trained in the use of measuring tools.Structural Workshop: Insist on regular meetings to improve the quality awareness of employees. After the end of each day's production, the quality inspector summarizes the production and quality situation on that day and publicizes it regularly in the workshop, which improves the quality of the workshop as a whole.Light Steel Workshop: Strengthened staf's drawing recognition training, and gradually carried out staf's drawing recognition ability training.   4Strictly control the quality of production process In order to efectively achieve process quality control, the workshop staf improve their self-inspection ability, and strengthen self-inspection in the production process.Workshop inspectors have increased the intensity and frequency of inspection. All sizes are strictly implemented according to the company's internal control standards, and detailed records are made.Each workshop director strictly manages the quality of each workshop, so that the product quality has been significantly improved.   5.Convening Quality Monthly Symposium     On August 28, XX, the company held a monthly quality seminar for managers. All managers felt deeply about the quality monthly activities and reached a consensus that the quality monthly improved the product quality of the company, strengthened the management of employees, improved the quality awareness and quality of employees, but we must persevere and always make unremitting efforts.Some managers spoke and pointed out many problems that need to be solved in the quality month activities, which have not been completely solved yet and need continuous efforts.General Su concluded his speech by pointing out that the implementation of quality month has improved staff's quality awareness, achieved certain results, and should be adhered to; through quality month activities, the rate of product repairs has decreased significantly, but some quality problems have inevitably emerged, requiring managers and employees to continue to improve and further improve quality awareness.   6.There are still many problems in the quality month. Although the quality of our products has improved significantly in August, there are still many problems, such as the appearance quality needs to be improved, the product polishing is not careful enough, some details need to be improved urgently, and there are many quality problems in spraying paint, the most of which is serious flow marks. The quality of our products has been greatly improved in the later part of the month, but there are still some shortcomings.    

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