Summary of Professional Development of Chinese Teachers Excellent teachers have high expectations for students, but higher expectations for themselves.I have been working for nearly ten years and have experienced many successes and failures.Faced with the new era of students, teachers will be more demanding.I also read a lot of books on education and teaching in peacetime. There is still a big gap between theoretical knowledge and reality in books.Because of lack of experience and not good at summarizing, there will be more or less minor mistakes in classroom teaching and the work of the head teacher, which can not be so handy.But after all, we are still young, and we are more receptive to new things. We are active in thinking and have our own ideas. We are brave in exploring, hardworking and ambitious.In the future, the general goal I have set for myself is to strive to become a professional teacher, and to develop in scientific research and topics.I have been sticking to this goal throughout this semester. 1. Reform classroom teaching with brand-new educational and teaching concepts. Since the implementation of the curriculum reform, I have repeatedly studied the relevant educational and teaching theories, deeply understood the spirit of the new curriculum standard, seriously reflected on my own teaching practice, studied students, explored teaching methods, gradually established a teaching idea for the purpose of students'lifelong development, established a new teaching concept with teachers as the leading factor and students as the main body, and actively explored and glowed Chinese in teaching practice.Classroom vitality is helpful to the improvement and development of students'abilities in Chinese classroom teaching. New ideas and new models inspire thinking, self-reading text reading methods based on training methods, key content learning methods based on perceptioninquiry-reflection-extension, Chinese activity courses centered on cooperation-inquiry-creation-innovation, etc., have achieved good teaching results.。 2. Use vivid and flexible teaching methods to appreciate the joy of learning and radiate classroom vitality. The new curriculum standard requires us to establish an independent, cooperative and inquiry-oriented teaching mode, to activate students'curiosity and inquiry desire, to cultivate students' ability to think, question, seek and capture new information actively, and to make the cultivation of this ability the ultimate goal of classroom teaching.Therefore, we carefully study the educational psychology, accurately grasp the psychological characteristics and thinking characteristics of the second grade students, and actively explore classroom teaching methods that are conducive to stimulating interest, activating thinking and stimulating discussion.For example, when dealing with the key items of each unit, we always adopt the whole perception - cooperative inquiry - reflective questioning - expanding the extended teaching mode, carefully design problems according to different contents, and organize classroom teaching.In this way, we can feel a kind, harmonious and active atmosphere in the classroom.Teachers have become close friends of students, and classrooms have become students'schools. Students are no longer rigid and unknown model audiences.Their personalities are fully displayed and nurtured: questioning, asking questions, imagining, intergroup communication, or challenging authority.Teacher-student interaction, student-student interaction, group interaction, environmental interaction, in a limited time, each student has been more fully exercised and performance opportunities.Teachers and students'emotions and personalities are integrated in it. Real life enters the classroom. Students seek knowledge in interaction and explore in activities. They not only grasp knowledge easily, but also cultivate their abilities subtly.The overall quality of students has been improved qualitatively, and the Chinese classroom really radiates its vitality. 3. Use media resources to create beautiful classroom. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, it is required that the Chinese classroom with fresh vitality not only have the change of teaching mode and the opening of students'thinking, but also have the classroom teaching effect of guiding students to learn to learn, master abundant Chinese knowledge and o

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