Summary of Professional and Technical Work of Primary School Teachers Since assuming the present post, what kind of summary have you made of your work?Next, we recommend a summary of the professional and technical work of primary school teachers since they took office. Welcome to read. The professional and technical work of elementary school teachers summarizes that I love the profession of teachers. So when the village principal came to my home to mobilize me to serve as substitute teacher in the village elementary school, I was very happy when I graduated from high school.From then on, I stepped onto the three-foot platform and began my teaching career.Later, due to the retired teachers in the Qing Dynasty, I bid farewell to this sacred forum with tears.Because of my persistent love for the cause of education, I have never forgotten the profession of teachers.In 20xx, I participated competition. generals, I in After finally the five teacher's passes came to and this six beloved platform.I cherish this hard-won opportunity even more. I devote myself wholeheartedly and enthusiastically to my work, making school my students.In home, our loving work, school we and should conscientiously carry out the Party's educational policy, responsibility of earnestly teaching and fulfill the educating people, adhere to the rule of law, have a strong sense of responsibility, study hard in teaching, and constantly professional level improve and our moral accomplishment. Since September 20xx, we have served as the head of mathematics department in our school. "Virtue is the foundation of teachers".Therefore, I am strict with myself in thought, set an example everywhere, care for and care for every student, be a good teacher and friend in their study and life, and be a teacher everywhere from time to time.In the work of head teachers, I attach great importance to the ideological education of students.Through class meetings, morning meetings, ideological and moral lessons and combined with various subjects and textbooks, students are given ideological education of love for the motherland, the people and learning.By caring for students ideologically, affectionately, caring for students in life, and having a particularly harmonious relationship between teachers and students, students'learning enthusiasm is greatly stimulated, and a good atmosphere catching up, of "comparison, helping and learning, exceeding" is created. The class has a positive and strong style of study. The class has achieved excellent results in various evaluations and is also rated as a civilized class. As a teacher, I keep pace with the times and constantly improve my cultural quality and professional level.I took advantage of my spare time to pursue university courses and got my college diploma in October 20xx.I continue to study hard business, study teaching materials and methods, study new curriculum standards, pay attention to training students'abilities and learning habits in many ways, work for practical results, and teach students in accordance with their aptitude.In order to improve my teaching level, I insist on reading "Primary School Papers lessons, Chinese Teachers" Collection" combining and "Excellent regularly, the preparing actual use of courseware with teaching, to 40 minutes of classroom quality.I always give special care to the underachievers. I ask more questions, visit more class.In the and give more classroom, counseling they are in highly praised for their little progress. After class, they are often asked to talk with each other, make friends, build up their confidence and stimulate their interest in learning.Grasp the study of the four-person group, select excellent team leaders, and lead the team members to progress together.I insist that students write weekly diaries, write things around them, write their hearts, write their true feelings, from which I get a lot of?? In the diary, I get the trust of students, understand the spiritual world of students, give timely guidance and help to students, so that "spring breeze and rain, moisten things silently", so that they can grow healthily.I actively watch various teaching observation classes and lectures, learn from colleagues modestly, consult colleagues modestly, often attend high-quality classes of colleagues, constantly enrich

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