Summary of Primary School Teachers'Personal Work This article is collected from the network and uploaded to the platform to help more people. If you need to use this document, please click the download button to download this document (paid download). In addition, I wish you a happy life, smooth work and all the best! Time flies fast and another semester passes in a twinkling of an eye.Looking back on this semester, I feel pressure, tension and busyness, but I have gained a lot during this semester, pleasant.The which work is of gratifying this semester and is summarized as follows: First, to strengthen learning and constantly enrich my mind, in order to embody and apply the new curriculum concept better in peacetime teaching, I read "Mathematics Curriculum Standards" "Teachers'Teaching and Textbooks" carefully, devoted myself to studying new textbooks, new curriculum standards and new teaching methods, conscientiously realized and comprehended the essence of them, and laid the foundation for continuously improving the teaching level.In addition, in the tense and busy work, I also insist on reading some newspapers and magazines related to education and teaching, such as Mathematics Teaching in Primary Schools, Science and Technology Education in Primary Schools, etc., to understand the views of more famous educational experts and experts, to understand the current trends of education reform, and to constantly surf the Internet, to consult some materials and information about the new curriculum reform, to solve the problems encountered in teaching.In addition, we often watch the excellent classroom teaching of some famous experts through online video, accumulate some good teaching experience for future teaching, and guide our teaching work with theory. Second, to be brave in innovation and constantly improve the efficiency of classroom teaching is the main position for students to acquire knowledge and develop their abilities.Since one semester, I have been working hard in class.In order to have a good lesson, I study the textbooks carefully before class, understand the textbooks thoroughly, and combine with the actual characteristics of the students in this class, adopt lively teaching students'interest form in to stimulate learning.Efforts should be made to implement some new educational concepts, create a relaxed and democratic teaching atmosphere, encourage students to speak enthusiastically and form a group of speakers.Taking students as the main body, we should construct an inquirybased classroom model, guide students to explore actively, independently, and acquire constantly students'self-learning knowledge improve ability.In addition, in the classroom, I pay special attention to the temporary poor students, provide them with more opportunities, so that they can make progress, and have a strong interest in learning.In my opinion, the students in the class like math class very much, because they find the shortcut of learning by making "math notebook" in the way of independent inquiry and cooperative communication, which improves the efficiency of the classroom. 3. Actively participating in teaching and research activities to improve their professional level for one semester. In my work as head of teaching and research group, I set an example and actively participated in and organized various teaching and research activities. I often consulted with other teachers to learn from each other's strengths and continuously weaknesses, improve my so "six as to courses" ability.In addition, this semester's "one of my classes" mirror activity has greatly improved my ability to prepare, teach and evaluate lessons independently.In normal teaching, when encountering problems, we communicate and discuss together. We have good methods and ideas to recommend and introduce each other. The atmosphere of teaching and research is very strong.In addition, I went to the district and other schools research, to attend modestly classes, learn teach new and teaching concepts, new teaching methods.In the daily teaching, I pay special attention to using the method of reflecting while practicing and summing up experience teaching and research to deepen activities, the which promotes the teaching and research work well. Fourth, to strengthen the work of training excellent students and assist

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