Summary of Primary School Teachers'Annual Assessment of Individual Work With the end of the semester, this year is about to pass. Looking back on the work of primary school teaching in the past year, we have fulfilled various tasks with the support of the leadership and colleagues of the school.In order to do a better job in the coming year, this year's work is summarized as follows: I. Political Thought I firmly support the basic line of the Communist Party of China, strive to implement the Party's educational policy and devote myself to the Party's educational cause.Participate in the political study organized by the school on time and take good notes carefully, write good learning experience, correct thinking, obey the work arrangement of the school, handle affairs conscientiously and responsibly; and consciously abide by professional ethics, establish a good image of teachers among students; be able to take into account the overall situation, unite and cooperate, and strictly request oneself according to the standards of Party members in all aspects, in order to better adapt to the shape of the development of education.Potential. 2. Education and Teaching 1Professional growth.Strictly do "five earnest" routine work, firmly grasp the classroom, study teaching design, create problem situations, reform teaching methods, implement effective teaching, expand students'thinking, and strive to improve classroom teaching efficiency; adhere to writing personal education teaching blog, exchange teaching gains and losses, learn teaching experience, broaden teaching horizons, make friends with mathematics, enrich spare time life.In the second half of the year, he was appraised as a master of mathematics teaching in primary schools. 2Teaching management.Carefully organize teachers'professional learning, carry out 15 concentrative learning around effective teaching, improve teachers' teaching concepts; carry out "isomerism of the same class" classroom teaching contest activities, open up the process and improve the effectiveness; use the "effective teaching" implementation manual to accumulate professional information for teachers and schools; make a good school work plan at the beginning of each semester and urge the implementation, and do a good job at the end of the semester.Summary of work. Continuing Education Actively participated in training and learning, exchanged training experience, appreciated the style of famous schools, listened to professors, talked to experts and scholars, collided with sparks of ideas, updated management concepts, enriched management ideas, and learned management skills. Over the past year, with the support and assistance of school leaders and colleagues, and guided by the spirit of the Party in the new era, I have been able to do a good job in all aspects and conscientiously perform my duties.Now I will report on the work of political thought, teaching and learning in the past year as follows: in the ideological and political field, we can earnestly study Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought, Deng Xiaoping Theory and the important thought of "Three Represents", study the scientific development concept, adhere to the Party's educational policy, and be loyal to the Party's educational cause.We should strengthen our own study of political theory and improve our theoretical level.In teaching practice, we should earnestly implement the Party's educational policy, adhere to the Party spirit principle, improve the Party spirit cultivation, strive to practice the important thought of "Three Represents", learn and implement the scientific development concept, keep pace with the times, love posts and professions, be a model for teachers, love students and respect students, strive for the best education for each student, and all students can have different degrees of development.Efforts should be made to be politically firm, professionally competent, down-to- earth and honest.Strictly ask oneself to be a qualified people's teacher in teachers'morality! In terms of teaching work, we can earnestly study professional knowledge, study teaching rules, study new syllabus and textbooks, actively develop teaching ideas, flexibly apply some advanced teaching theories, scientific teaching methods and advanced modern teaching methods to classroom t

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