Summary of Personal Year-end Work Summary of Personal Year-end Work Time flies like an arrow, unknowingly ushered in a new year! Looking back on the course of this year's work, as an employee of the company, I deeply feel the vigorous development of the company and the spirit of all colleagues to strive for progress.I have made new progress in thought, study and work.But I also recognize my shortcomings: 1.As an ordinary employee of the sales department, I have passed a year with the care and help of the company's leaders and colleagues. As an employee of the sales department, I deeply feel that I shoulder the heavy responsibility. As a window of the company, my words and deeds also represent the image of the company. Therefore, we should improve our quality, require ourselves with high standards, and strengthen our professional knowledge and skills.。 2.At the same time, when dealing with customer problems, sometimes they will show some emotional, not so mature, in the future work process, they should pay more attention, not too serious with customers, moderate concessions may get more customers. 3.Sometimes because of some of their own reasons, they become slack, which has a great impact on the work, affecting the enthusiasm of the work, hoping that they can restrain themselves in the future work, do a good master of emotions, so that their work can move forward steadily. This year in the company is meaningful, valuable and rewarding.Not only have we harvested precious friendship, but also we are maturing. The new year has begun. The intense and busy work has started the process. We should clearly plan our work and personal goals.Looking forward to 2016, I will work harder, study business knowledge diligently and improve my ability to accomplish the company's sales tasks and objectives. At the same time, I hope that the company and individuals will go to a new level. Attached: Summary of Personal Year-end Work Summary of Personal Year-end Work [Part 1: Summary of Teachers'Personal Year-end Work] Beginning: When the teacher's motivation is not short, in the teacher's job, I do not feel any difference, I just feel that, in my coming year, ushered in another year, the heart still has that little sadness, but I know that it is only a feeling of time, I have a lot to do, this is my point of view. At the end of each year, we should write a summary of our work, hold an annual work summary meeting, and present our position at the meeting.I don't remember what I read at the previous annual meeting. This year, it was quite formal. Twenty or thirty colleagues from Chinese, law, journalism, humanities and educational administration gathered in a mock court and sat around the desk, reporting one after another for three hours.Put up this year's summary and I wonder what difference it will make next year when I look back. In XX year, I mainly taught four courses, including two grades, three majors, ten classes and 1064 person-times. I also took charge of the graduation practice guidance of Chinese and English secretarial majors in Grade 03 and the graduation thesis guidance of some students in this major.The total workload of this year is 569 and 6 hours. The three-foot platform is the main platform for teachers to impart knowledge. Therefore, on the basis of strictly abiding by the relevant teaching discipline stipulated by the college and consolidating the original teaching experience, I put my main energy on the exploration and summary of teaching methods. Next, I will mainly talk about the experience of teaching methods. 1. Error correction method.Play a passage of about ten minutes of historical or biographical movies, such as Brave Heart, Princess Sissi, etc. and then analyze the historical facts and the discrepancies between the historical facts and the historical facts. This method can help students identify the differences between the historical reality and the artistic reality. 2. Storytelling.For example, it explains the definition that culture is the humanization of nature by the plot of the banquet held by Shouyihong Qunfang in A Dream of Red Mansions, analyses the rule of the succession of the descendants of ancient Chinese tradition with the historical facts of the change of Xuanwumen, and cites the traditional ancestral temple system in ancient China with the perplexity of Empress Wu Zetian's choice of the heir in her later years. 3. Case law.If the aforementione

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