Summary of personal work of surgical nurses Guidance:This article summarizes the personal work of surgical nurses for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. As a nurse, we should have all the service tenets of patientcentered and patient-centered.The following is for you: summary of personal work of surgical nurses, for reference only, welcome you to read! Summary of personal work of surgical nurses [1] In the past year, I supported the leadership of the Party, earnestly studied the important thought of the Three Representatives, and adhered to the scientific concept of development. Under the direct leadership of hospital leaders, department directors and head nurses, I adhered to the principle of "all patient-centered, one"The service aim of "all for patients" is to better accomplish all the nursing tasks assigned, master all kinds of clinical operation skills skillfully. The working situation is as follows: since joining our hospital, we have been practicing and studying in this year. We feel that if we want to combine the theoretical knowledge we have learnt before with the actual clinical work, we must be strict in our usual work on the one hand.Request oneself and consult more colleagues and superiors, on the other hand, use spare time to study the business assiduously, experience the essentials.There are many kinds of diseases in general surgery, and there are relatively many surgical patients, so they have learned the relevant knowledge before and after operation.Preoperative preparation includes psychological monitoring, incision observation, counseling, intestinal preparation and dietary guidance.Postoperative vital signs assisting cough and expectoration, observing transfusion volume and transfusion speed, nursing of various drainage tubes, nursing of urinary catheters, diet nursing, observation and nursing of postoperative complications, etc.In general surgery nursing, I learned a lot of relevant knowledge, such as nursing after esophageal cancer surgery: 1. Observing vital signs, especially breathing and blood oxygen, once an hour.2. Observe the bleeding of the wound.3. Keep warm and promote blood circulation after operation.3. Drainage flow of each drainage tube.In daily work, we are required to communicate with them more patiently. Only in this way can we better improve the quality of nursing and let patients trust us in our work.Because the rhythm of surgery is relatively fast and busy, I remember that when I first arrived at surgery, I was not suitable. In order to do a good job and obey the leadership arrangement, I was not afraid of trouble. I consulted my colleagues, learned from them, groped for myself, and became familiar with the work of surgery in a short time.Understanding the responsibilities of each class, clear the work procedures, direction, improve the ability to work, in the specific work to form a clear idea of work, can smoothly carry out the work and skilled and successful completion of their work.Through more than one year's work practice, besides being familiar with the professional knowledge of the departments, I also pay attention to the professional image of nurses. In my daily work, I pay attention to civilized and courteous service, adhere to civilized language, and work with dignified appearance, neat dress, no hair, no heavy makeup, no high heels, loud shoes, courtesy, friendly attitude, language norms.Under the active and earnest guidance of head nurses and teaching teachers, I have greatly improved in many aspects. I can always adhere to the concept of "patient-centered, quality-centered" service, and improve my own quality and emergency ability.Of course, I still have some shortcomings to be improved.For example, in learning, sometimes there is still impetuous mood, feeling too much to learn, impetuous heart, especially in the face of setbacks, can not calmly deal with.In my work, sometimes there is a phenomenon of low standards. Although I can basically fulfill my duties and obligations, the technical aspects still need to be further improved, which is what I need to improve and improve in the future.In the coming year, we would like to thank again the hospital leaders, head nurses and department directors for their education, guidance, criticism and help, and our colleagues for their concern and support.Looking back on the past, there are many advances and improvements, but th

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