Summary of Personal Work of Kindergarten Middle Class Teachers Looking back on the coming semester, there is hard sweat and joy of work.With the strong support and cooperation of my colleagues, my work in this semester has been successfully completed. Here, I summarize my work as follows: I have dedication to work, love for children, good moral character, be a teacher, be faithful, care for every child, have a sincere love for children.In understanding and practicing, I earnestly study, use its brand-new education to guide my work, constantly improve and enrich myself, pioneer and innovate, and keep pace with the times.In terms of education and teaching, there are 36 children in our middle class this semester. We should create a warm and harmonious environment to help children adapt to the learning and living environment of kindergartens. Secondly, we should start with every detail and establish a series of good routines to ensure the orderly development of teaching activities in the future.At the same time, we should strengthen children's self-service consciousness, improve their self-service ability and form good behavior habits.In the teaching activities of various disciplines, we should start with stimulating children's interest in learning, and teach different levels of children's development in order to promote the harmonious and healthy development of children's body and mind.In education and teaching, we should pay attention to the principle of combining education with care, developing all-round development, respecting every child and developing their personality.According to the actual situation of children in this class, we should make class work plan, weekly plan, scientifically arrange children's oneday activities, ensure the combination of movement and silence, and promote children's all-round physical and mental development.Through the development of colorful regional activities, targeted and patient counseling for individual children.According to the characteristics of children in this class, they can teach and enjoy themselves, fully mobilize their enthusiasm, initiative and interest.Especially in the development of "role games", children are encouraged to take part in the Games actively and generously, to communicate with each other, to cultivate their oral expression ability, communication ability and the ability of solidarity and cooperation, so as to make the role games sound and colorful.In the teaching, teaching aids are well prepared, and they can conscientiously attend every lesson. In the classroom, they can use vivid and interesting language and flexibly use various kinds of Jiao teaching aids to make intuitive teaching. They can face all the students, do not favor one child, adhere to the principle of multioperation and multi-discussion, often give guidance to children with poor abilities, and use different games to help children review their knowledge after class.In the aspect of nursery work, I earnestly fulfill the tasks assigned by each superior, put the safety of children first, and make children feel at ease in the garden games, and do a good job in every disinfection link.In a child's one-day link, children's warmth and cold are always put in the first place, and attention can be paid to the combination of health care and education, infiltration of education in the life link, so that children can enhance their ability of self-protection and selfcare.Parent communication: Teachers and parents can understand the situation of children at home and kindergarten through communication, so the communication between parents and teachers is still important. Every day after school, I timely reflect to parents the discipline and learning situation of the child that day, do a good job of giving timely encouragement and praise, do not do enough to ask parents to cooperate to help children correct.If the absent children are found, I call the parents in time to greet the children's health, and do a good job of synchronizing home work.Kindergarten education is a complex education, not a family, kindergarten can be competent alone, it needs both in order to achieve good results.Let parents know the situation of children in the kindergarten, and let us know the situation of children at home and understand each other. At the same time, draw parents'opinions and suggestions on kindergarten education and management, and strive to make children mo

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