Summary of Personal Work in Kindergarten Teachers It has been seven and a half months since the summary of personal work of kindergarten teachers came to XX kindergarten. During this period, they have been working as a teacher of Meng Yi class. At the end of the semester, their work is summarized as follows: (1) Although they are not students majoring in preschool education, they are full of yearning for their children's world, such as naivety, simplicity, freedom, satisfaction, release and so on.A lot of good personality, so that they want to approach children, but like children.Montessori Band uses a special way of education, mainly Montessori class.So just started to enter the Mongolian class, is mainly to listen to others in class, and later familiar with the basic operation of the Mongolian class, he began to want to try class, after consulting with his main class teacher, the main class teacher decided to add his own courses in the Mongolian class.At first, it was a conversation job, just a simple exchange of language. Later, I could slowly get involved in some extended work, such as the work of Mathematics Zone, and the work of Science Zone, such as the extension of four chess, the extension of counting and looking, and the understanding of dinosaurs. Besides being a teacher of Montessori, I served as a teacher in rhyme literacy class, children's books and art class.Usually, at least one lesson a day in class, sometimes helping others in class, is equivalent to their day in class.Especially before rhyme literacy, I would like to play games or introduce a form that children like to teach together with their children.Although they have not conducted formal training, but can still convey the content of this lesson to children, so that children can absorb as much knowledge as possible, in the children also see the results!Before "Meng Number", I usually draw pictures or write topics on the blackboard, mainly to help children understand the problem, so that children understand the meaning of the topic, know how to do it! Then all the children and teachers think together, work together to deepen the understanding and mastery of knowledge.Taking storytelling classes in children's books can attract children's attention in a more vivid and exaggerated tone, thus making them easier to remember.Handicraft lessons are prepared in advance for children to use.In art classes, they draw pictures on the blackboard, paint with children, sometimes imagine together, encourage children to exert their imagination and create their own personality painting!Usually, I feel more active in class. I don't need to be urged to attend class. Generally, I can go to class on my own initiative.When other teachers have something to do, they can help the class themselves.Others can help her manage her children, maintain discipline, and help each child absorb the knowledge taught by the teacher to the maximum extent.When you think of ideas or suggestions that are more beneficial to your child, you will consult with your colleagues to see if they can be better implemented.In the aspect of curriculum arrangement, I often consult with my main class, give my own opinions, and see what kind of arrangement is more suitable for children's current learning state.(2) In the aspect of life, he can do it conscientiously. Everything big or small can be scrupulously attended to.For example, we can take the initiative to get food, water, food, take care of the children to sleep, wipe their butts, lift their pants and so on.For children with special calls from parents who say they need special care, children with special care can be taken care of according to their parents'requirements.Feeding medicine, adding or reducing clothes can take the initiative to do a good job. (3) In the field of health, besides keeping teaching and taking care of children well, they have been actively cooperating with each other in the field of health and taking the initiative to clean, whether it is the class's hygiene, the cleaning of teaching aids, the cleaning of the ground or the public sanitary area in the garden, they can do it on their own initiative.Insufficient aspects: In the process of teaching, one of the most inadequate aspects is the lack of patience and music for children.In the new semester, I will train my children's patience more. I will become a teacher with love, patience, responsibility and initiative.If yo

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