Summary of Parents'Meeting in the first semester of the school year 2015-2016 After full preparation and full brewing, Wating Primary School held a parents'meeting on November 27, 2015. At the parents' meeting, the class teachers introduced the current situation of education and teaching in Wating Primary School. The teachers and parents communicated and exchanged on the methods of educating children and cultivating good behavior habits of children. Parents generally reflected that the parents'meeting was held in good time and held very well.The Parents'Meeting was a great success.Here is a brief summary from the following aspects: First, attach great importance to ideology. In accordance with the requirements and plans of school work, in order to further improve education and teaching, promote the healthy and all-round development of students and accumulate experience, with the concern and strong support of school leaders, the school team headquarters are carefully prepared, properly organized, and the teachers are actively acting, trying their best to make suggestions and suggestions, carefully organized and carefully prepared, thus ensuring the success of the Parent Association. 2. Basic information of the meeting. 1Parents of students attending the meeting: In order to fully grasp the parents'understanding, opinions and suggestions on school work, the Parents' Meeting notified all parents to attend and 202 parents attended the meeting.Parents of students in all classes can actively cooperate with the work of the school, spare no effort and fear the long way, overcome the difficulties of busy farming and inconvenient traffic, and rush to the school to attend the parents'meeting. Some families have special circumstances, and contact the head teacher in advance.It shows that parents of students attach importance to the meeting and the attendance is satisfactory.This shows that parents of students in our school attach great importance to their children's education and care for and support the work of the school.Parents listened carefully to the teacher's report on all aspects of school work. The atmosphere of the parents'meeting was warm and friendly. 2Procedures for meetings: The main items on the agenda are: introduction of school education and teaching by the head teacher and the situation of the class; speeches by the section teachers; invitation for comments and suggestions from parents; speeches by parents'representatives; summary. 3. Appropriate methods and measures and flexible forms After hard work, 6 head teachers and 6 teachers in charge of classes in the whole school, the Parents'Association has achieved a complete success.According to the actual situation of the class, the class teachers should take appropriate measures according to the local conditions and the class conditions, and adopt appropriate methods and measures. The forms are various and flexible. Especially the welcoming words of each class have all gone through the class teachers'careful conception: for example, "communication begins here", "children are our hope", "let's work together to create a better tomorrow for children", "a good father is better than a hundred principals".Wait a minute. It's amazing. It's loud. IV. Listening to Parents'Opinions and Suggestions At the exchange meeting, parents share their experience in educating their children. They consult with each other on issues of interest or difficulty in judging, and improve together.Parents'meetings have become seminars, exchanges and ventilation meetings, and the atmosphere is quite active.Many parents have gained a lot, and at the same time, they have strengthened their understanding.Parents also put forward many opinions and suggestions on school work and methods and concepts of educating students.These problems are very helpful to the thinking of school work in the future. 5. Problems and shortcomings: 1Parents generally reflect that they lack educational methods, need to communicate and communicate with teachers, and need teachers'guidance in the way of educating children. 2Some teachers are not good at communicating with their parents, and some of them are afraid to face their parents. They hope that they will be bold, correct, methodological, and pay attention to strategies so as to convince people and move people with affection. Summary of Parent Association A

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