Summary of Nursery Workers'Work in Kindergartens Time flies so fast that a semester passes by inadvertently. During this semester, there are joys and sweats, as well as progress in all aspects of work.Here, I should also sort out my thoughts and summarize my past work experience in order to better improve my work level.This semester, I bring small classes, mainly with the education of two teachers in my class, and strive to complete their own custody tasks. Here I talk about the work of this semester: First, sum up experience, do a good job of their own custody work in the work, I take the task assigned by the Ministry of Gardens and the education of this class as the center, and strive to live in harmony with all teachers, learning.Their strengths and experience, and constantly improve their level of education and care, usually encounter any additional tasks in the class, as long as they can, they will work overtime with the class teachers, timely completion of the assigned tasks.2. Care for children, love for work is selfless, but also a prerequisite for a good caregiver. Since I became a caregiver in small classes, I have interpreted love with my heart, so that I have a noble professional ethics and strong sense of responsibility in my work. Like mothers, I will treat and care for every child and make them grow up healthily and happily.Through this period of work, I think: only when I love my career, will I pursue it, will I keep forging ahead, and will I get the trust of parents and children.Strn 3, hands and feet diligent, often reflect on my work as a nursery for several years, so I know that nurses in this position must be diligent, such as: diligent windows, diligent cleaning, diligent disinfection, diligent disinfection and so on, in addition to the hands and feet to diligent, the brain should also be diligent, often think about why to do so, I do this thing wrong, and so on, often counter-productive.Think about your work in order to make better progress in the future.Fourth, the effect of work and direction of efforts because this semester, I brought children in small classes, they just left their parents, into the road of kindergarten, I must let them learn to self-reliance, in daily life can learn to do their own things.At first, children's self-care ability is poor, because they are young and have strong attachment to adults. We train children in the form of games, such as first urinating and then washing hands, when washing hands, teach children to wipe soap and rub hands, rub the back of the palm, wash small hands, and dry hands with towels.In imitation, children learn to wash their hands correctly. After training, children's self-service ability is greatly enhanced.Such as: will move their chairs to sit, will eat their own food and put the bowl, will wipe their faces with a small towel, wash their hands and do not wet clothes, etc., won the parents'praise and recognition.Of course, in the past six months, I also have such shortcomings, but I think: as long as I learn more professional knowledge, consult more experienced teachers, communicate more with children, and have children in mind, I believe that in the future work, will continue to progress, to stand up to the Ministry of Gardens trust in me, to stand up to the expectations of the parents of children, to stand up to their own post stron five years.We know that parents must cooperate in order to do a good job in class work.Usually, I can treat every parent warmly and pay attention to communicating with them.When picking up and delivering the children, parents feel very warm by talking with them about their children's performance at home or caring about their physical condition.Through various ways, I timely reflect to parents the situation of children's life and learning in the kindergarten, and listen carefully to parents'suggestions.Let parents correctly understand the content of early childhood care, understand the children's daily life, and provide parents with some correct information about the way of care, and establish a harmonious and trustworthy home relationship.Time has passed in the growth of young children. For me personally, there are many things and knowledge to learn. Whether it is education or nursery, it is my learning goal.We should stick to the good aspects, not enough places to learn from others, absorb the essence of others, and make ourselves qualified teachers for moral ed

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