Summary of New Teachers'Reform Work Guidance:This article is a summary of the work of new teachers. If you think it's very good, you are welcome to comment and share! In a twinkling of an eye, the one-year probation period has come.In this first year as a teacher, I am glad to be able to step onto the long-cherished three-foot platform, realize the transition from students to teachers, really adapt to the normal life of education and teaching in schools, and integrate into the big family of Taizhong Middle School.Over the past year, with the help of school leaders and colleagues, my learning ability, teaching ability and professional level have been significantly improved.I will summarize my work in the past year as follows: 1. As a Party member, I firmly support the leadership of the Communist Party of China and earnestly study the important documents and spirit of the Party.Actively participate in the school's political learning, strive to improve ideological awareness, consciously abide by the "Teachers'Law" and other laws and regulations, consciously abide by the rules and regulations of the school.Actively participating in teaching and research activities, obeying distribution, completing all tasks designated by schools, being honest in teaching, being loyal to the Party's educational cause, implementing the Party's educational policy, facing all students, teaching and educating people, and training qualified personnel for allround development.I respect and unite my colleagues, and can handle the relationship with them correctly.In peacetime, people are sincere, love students and harmonious interpersonal relationships. Everywhere a people's teacher's request is made to regulate their words and deeds, and to cultivate their comprehensive qualities and abilities without any slack.Neng: This year, I worked as a senior one in history teaching.In teaching, I earnestly study the new syllabus, thoroughly understand the textbooks, actively develop teaching ideas, flexibly apply some advanced teaching theories, scientific teaching methods and advanced modern teaching methods to classroom teaching, and strive to cultivate students'abilities of cooperation, communication, independent exploration and innovation.We should prepare lessons carefully before class, invigorate the atmosphere in class, improve students'initiative in learning, and summarize and reflect in time after class.Never punish students corporally, and carry out pairing activities to stimulate students'ambition.In peacetime, caring for and caring for students can not only meet strict requirements, but also guide them patiently, so as to promote their comprehensive, active and healthy development.Third, diligence: I strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the school, and actively participate in school-based training, political learning, teaching and research activities, duty, flag raising ceremony.Don't miss any chance to study and improve, and don't drop down on your daily job.In the teaching of history in the first and fifth classes of senior high school, we should have a complete teaching plan and no missing reserve. We should come to school on time, never be late, leave early or absent from class, and strive to be a qualified teacher.4. Achievements: With the joint efforts of students, the teaching work of this school year has been successfully students'learning completed.Especially ability, good results in training have been past year, achieved.The vast majority of students are gradually changing from learning to learning; over the students'interest in learning history has increased, and each examination result can be comparable to that of the old teacher's class.In the future, I will continue to make unremitting efforts to continuously improve the ability and level of education and teaching, and create better results.Although the road is endless and faraway, I still want to pursue the truth in the world.I will continue to work diligently and steadfastly.I will reward Taizhong Middle School and society with unremitting exploration and struggle.In a twinkling of an eye, the one-year internship is over.With the dream of education, I set foot on the sacred platform with a fervent heart.Facing the new starting point of life, I am full of confidence.Because I firmly believe that the road is

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