Summary of Network Security Publicity Week Activities On November 21, XX, the National Network Security Publicity Week "Network Security Knowledge into Ten Thousand Homes" was launched in some colleges and universities in XX City.In order to implement the central government's strategic plan on network security and information technology, respond to the call of the Ministry of Education and the Provincial Department of Education, and at the same time to strengthen the self-protection awareness of network security and improve network security prevention skills of our students, a week-long series of activities on network security knowledge publicity were carried out from November 24 to 30, XX.The contents and forms are rich and varied, as follows: 1. Promoting the students'awareness of network security through various channels of propaganda.In order to better publicize the knowledge of network security, the publicity of network security knowledge is carried out throughout the school.The propaganda department and the League Committee of our university have planned the design plan as a whole.Give full play to the advantages of online and offline multi-channel propaganda, and publicize the promotion of network security awareness from all directions and angles.Through the campus large screen rolling broadcast related video let the whole school students experience visually; through the college newspaper column system to introduce the relevant security knowledge; through the campus radio let the whole school students have in-depth understanding of the relevant knowledge in after-school time; at the same time, through the launch of various colleges'Wechat public platform to distribute network security knowledge.Under the unified arrangement of the school league committee, the League committees of various departments and colleges have also exhibited network security propaganda boards with the theme of "building network security and sharing network civilization".Through the above effective publicity activities, foreign students from the initial indifference to the concept of network security, gradually rose to establish a sense of network security self-protection, while students have also been publicized and reprinted on the "network ethics and network literacy" and applied to life, in order to better create a harmonious network environment.2. Understanding the importance of network security education through organizing learning and participating in network security knowledge contests.Seriously plan and organize foreign students to participate in online security knowledge contest, and deeply understand the necessity of network security education activities.From November 24 to 26, XX, our school organized students to learn various forms of network security knowledge. On the afternoon of November 26, we participated in the "National College Students'Network Security Knowledge Competition" organized by the Department of Civil Affairs of the Ministry of Education.Nearly 1000 students in our school participated in the competition.In this activity, students have shown high enthusiasm, and achieved excellent results, some students in the competition won the "National College Students Network Security Knowledge Competition Participation Certificate".According to the students participating in the contest, "In fact, the topic of the contest is the common network security problems in our life. Through the contest, we can have a deeper understanding of network security, so as to better apply the secure network technology to our study and life."3. Designing and organizing the "wonderful moment of network security" education tour conscientiously, aiming at some existing problems and hidden dangers of network security, our school organized students to organize three "wonderful lessons of network security" education tours from November 26 to 26, XX, XX. Teacher Li XX of the Center of Modern Educational Technology brought wonderful lectures to nearly 600 students one after another, and increased the network of students.Security knowledge has improved students'awareness of network security.To carry out this "excellent lesson of network security" educational activity is also a positive response to the call of the country.Hackers and computer viruses are common threats, and everyday network security, as we all know, also has various problems.To solve these problems, the lecturer, Mr. Li XX, introduced to the student

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