Summary of National Day Activities in Primary Schools Guidance:This article summarizes the National Day activities in primary schools for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. National Day is one of the most important festivals in China. Every year at this time, the whole country celebrates.Which National Day activities have you participated in? Do you know how to write the summary? The following is a summary of National Day activities in primary schools for you. Welcome to read.Summary of National Day Activities in Primary Schools [1] In order to fully display students'talents, enhance collective cohesion, enrich students' amateur cultural life, and cultivate patriotism, our school has launched a rich and colorful series of activities to celebrate the 60th birthday of our motherland.Such as: Singing National Anthem Competition, Speech under the National Flag, Handwritten Newspaper and Painting Evaluation Activities, etc.Through the ingenious design, our school has made the National Day activities sound and colorful elementary school National Day activities summarized elementary school National Day activities.Now summarized as follows: First, the school attaches importance to, colleagues cooperate and fully prepare. First, before the start of the activities, we set up an activity group. After discussion, we decided on a series of activities: speech under the national flag, singing contest, handwritten newspaper (middle and senior grade) and painting contest (lower grade), work exhibition program.2. The attention of the school leaders and the cooperation of teachers make the activities conclude smoothly and satisfactorily.For example, before the National Anthem Competition, the teacher in charge of the class and the teacher in charge of the subject all use the time after class to lead the class to practice and rehearse, and the music teacher also helps to give guidance and help.In hand- copying and drawing competitions, the head teacher strongly encourages students to participate in the competition, and the art teacher guides them one by one, which greatly improves the quality of hand-copying this time. Second, enrollment is enthusiastic. Since the announcement of active self-activity, the head teacher actively encourages students to participate, and the students also organize themselves spontaneously. For example, in hand-copying competitions, the students take one by one.In order to enrich the content of the competition, people or several people come to participate in the competition for a group. They go to the library or the electronic reading room to check the relevant information in the after-class time. This kind of competition enthusiasm enables us to receive more than 60 copies of handwritten newspapers in the evaluation, which not only have beautiful pictures, but also have wonderful contents that can not be ignored.3. The excitement of the activity is memorable. 1. The weekly flag-raising ceremony and the speech under the national flag are all opportunities to stimulate students'patriotism. The activity plan of the elementary school National Day is summarized.With the rising of the national flag, playing the Grand National anthem, the standard team etiquette of all the young pioneers, the loud singing, the grand and powerful speech of the players, how can we not make the patriotic feelings rise in the hearts of the students? 2. The National Anthem singing competition has set off a climax of national day activities.Here, the spirit of unity and cooperation and mutual cooperation is fully embodied with the (!) students.Whether they go on or off the stage, their meticulous actions, their grand voices and smiling faces all show the style of the class.Summary of National Day Activities in Primary Schools (2). First, do a good job of propaganda preparations, so as to keep the activities going smoothly. In order to ensure the smooth progress of the activities, our school intensified propaganda efforts. Each class used the blackboard and propaganda board to publicize and display the 60-year struggle course, brilliant achievements and valuable experience of New China. Through reading "30 years of reform and opening up", "60 scientific and technological achievements of New China", and so on. 《 People's Daily and other newspapers and periodicals help students understand and understand the representative const

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