Summary of Municipal Constructors'Work Guidance:This paper summarizes the work of municipal constructors for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. Perhaps because of your positive efforts and enthusiasm, your work will glide forward in continuous progress.But if you always work hard according to the old routine, I want to tell you that you must be the hardest, but your performance and work results are not necessarily the best, at this time, a job summary model can make it easy for you to find a better way to work.Below is the summary information about the construction work shared for your reference only.Welcome to pay attention to relevant information.The work in 2013 has been completed. Through the actual situation of this year's work, I make an analysis and evaluation of my work, summarize experience and lessons, and put forward improvement methods, so as to make my strengths and weaknesses in the future work, and provide the basis for continuous improvement of working methods and work efficiency in the future.This year, it has mainly experienced the construction of comprehensive trench of East 31 # Line at the beginning of this year, the replacement of subgrade, the measurement and construction of road rainwater outlet and crossing rainwater pipeline in August, and the construction of comprehensive trench horn mouth in December.In participating in the construction of comprehensive pipe trench, I also participated in the preparation of construction plan, technical submission, control of elevation, inspection of steel bar binding, template installation, concrete pouring, waterproof construction and other technical issues, and sometimes participated in the issuance of some material claim sheets.In the construction survey setting-out, through careful study of the use of the instrument, I can use the instrument skillfully, locate quickly and accurately, and ensure that the construction progress of the project is not delayed.In the construction of pipe ditches, through the quality inspection of the construction team, we learn the practical construction technology and urge the construction team to catch up with the construction progress as far as possible, so as to strive for the early completion of the project.After the construction of the pipe ditch is completed, the quality problems inside the pipe ditch are checked with colleagues, and the construction team is timely contacted to carry out comprehensive maintenance of the problematic pipe ditch parts.Especially when checking the water leakage of settlement joint and floor, the number of piles at the leakage site is recorded and marked inside the pipe trench, requiring the waterproofing Team to plug the leakage site in time.After the plugging is completed, the second check is made to ensure that the pipe ditch does not leak and seepage.

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