Summary of Mother's Day Activities in Primary Schools On the occasion of Mother's Day, our Sandaogou Primary School launched a unique painting and calligraphy exhibition, which also invited parents to participate.I hope to express the children's gratitude and love for their parents through the art exhibition. There are three aspects of this activity: one is the investment in gratitude, each mother dedicates her whole life to her children, so that the children can show their gratitude and admiration for their mothers by hand and painting; the other is the opportunity to discuss each other in emotional communication, to talk about the happiness of their mothers in gossip, and to share the whole activity in a relaxed way;In a pleasant and romantic atmosphere.Through activities, every mother has been temporarily adjusted both physically and mentally after her busy work. In leisure, she has gathered the heart, cultivated her sentiment and improved her taste.At the same time, let children and mothers have a spiritual communication In this activity, the students express their gratitude to their mothers by drawing, calligraphy, handcrafting and other forms. The students'works in the whole activity are not only full of composition, bright colors and clear themes. The purpose of this exhibition is to improve the level of appreciation and creation of calligraphy and painting enthusiasts, to create a strong artistic atmosphere, to cultivate the artistic sentiment of students, and to promote the construction of civilization in schools. It has played a positive role in enriching students'lives and creating a college atmosphere with outstanding results.Highlighting the fruits of the soul, enhancing the exchange of ideas, reflecting the style of the new generation of students. Looking back on the past and looking forward to the future, we will take our school's art education to a higher level, and make art activities sound and colorful. In short, with the strong support of parents and the efforts of all teachers, we succeeded in drawing a successful conclusion to this activity. In order to further strengthen the ideological and moral education of children and adolescents, carry forward the traditional virtues of respecting the elderly and loving the children of the Chinese nation, let students understand the hardships that mothers have paid for their growth, understand their expectations, know how to be grateful, how to care for others and society, and carry out the "Mother's Thanksgiving Day-listening, activities listening according to and talking" school work arrangements.Guide students to understand the great mother's love and return it to their mothers with sincerity and action. On the eve of Mother's Day, the school brigade set up a program of activities. This activity is divided into three parts: the chapter of knowing gratitude, the chapter of Thanksgiving and the chapter of repaying gratitude. Wen en: A. Listen to mom's story about her birthday and understand the hardship of "having a baby in October and having a baby in one day". B. Observe the cases of mothers respecting the old and respecting the old and working hard to understand the ordinary and great mothers in life. Thanksgiving article: A. Make a holiday card for mother: Students make a holiday card reflecting mother and child's affection through painting, photo clipping and other forms, as a record of family affection, permanent memory. B. Record family files: Every mother in the world remembers her child's birthday, hobbies and every other important day, and how many children know her mother's birthday and hobbies?Record mother's birthday, hobbies, and put it in mind, from time to time to give her a surprise! C. Customized self-reliance plan: in return for mother's love, it is important to learn to be selfreliant as soon as possible, learn to help her mother share what she can, and let her worry less about me from now on.Write down my self-reliance plan here.Say to Mom: Mom!You can rest assured!These things don't need you to worry about me anymore!Maybe this is the best gift for mother on Mother's Day!The most gratifying thing for my mother! D. Designing five ways to thank your mother: (e.g. to say a sincere greeting or blessing to her mother; to beat her back; to wash her feet; to help her do some housework within her power; to give her

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