Summary of Moral Education in Primary Schools Model Paper 003 Moral education is an important part of quality education in schools.It runs through the whole process of school education and teaching and all aspects of daily life of students. It permeates intellectual education, physical education, aesthetic education and other education.It plays a guiding, motivating and guaranteeing role in the healthy growth of adolescents and school work.In recent years, our school has actively implemented the spirit of the document "On Strengthening the Ideological and Moral Construction of Minors" issued by the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Ministry of Education. Moral education has always been placed in an important position. In order to ensure the smooth implementation of moral education, over the past year, our school's moral education has adhered to the principle of "educating people first, moral education first, and development first". We have taken the cultivation of basic moral literacy as the main grasp of moral education and studied theWe should pay attention to operation and effectiveness so as to make moral education standardized and scientific.The specific work is summarized as follows. 1. Strengthen leadership, improve management system and build management system. 1To manage moral education in schools, we need a sound organization.We have set up a three- level management network of schools, departments and classes to clarify the responsibilities of moral education management. The moral education leading group consists of principals, moral education directors, team counselors and class teachers.From the principal to the class at the grass-roots level, a vertical connection is formed, which requires the moral education work of the school to achieve all-round connection from organization to operation, in order to achieve flexible command, consistent pace, smooth information, and give full play to the effectiveness of moral education management. 2Schools often organize all teachers and staff to study relevant education laws and regulations, curriculum reform theory, hold democratic life meetings of teachers, send people out to collect lessons and so on, especially through weekly regular meetings, weekly political learning and business learning activities, which further improve the comprehensive quality of moral education team. Second, people-oriented, pay close attention to team building, strengthen the awareness of education. Headed by Principal Yan, a group of school leaders are far-sighted and put moral education at the top of the list.They think that teachers are the direct implementers of moral education and the collective strength of moral education, and the head teachers are the main force of moral education for students in schools. Therefore, optimizing the teaching staff and strengthening the training of head teachers have become the major tasks in all kinds of work. 1Establish a concept: set up the concept of moral education is to provide services for all students, to provide comprehensive services for students'life, learning, physiological and psychological growth, to help students self- awareness and self-growth. 2Strengthen a kind of responsibility: Every faculty member in our school should take an active, patient and meticulous care of every student, which fully embodies the sense of responsibility and mission of an educator. 3Through the training, assessment and evaluation of head teachers, the school improves the overall quality of head teachers in the whole school, and forms a team of head teachers with excellent quality, capable and practical effect, pioneering and enterprising, and emerges model head teachers such as Shu Guanzhi and Li Hongying.Driven by them, our school set off an activity climax of "learning advanced, striving for excellent classes", which has played a very good effect. 4To form a resultant force: to establish moral education without trivial matters, everyone's participation, joint management, forming a resultant force, so that every educational activity of the school can reflect the educational function of moral education. 3. Beautify the environment, cultivate the sentiment of teachers and students, and create a moral atmosphere. Campus environment is not only the window of school spiritual civilization construction, but also th

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