Summary of Moral Education in Primary Schools Model Paper 002 This semester, according to the work plan of moral education at the beginning of the semester, based on the education of "Norms of Daily Behavior for Primary School Birthdays" and "Education of Students'Norms of Daily Behavior", we will strengthen the routine education of students' ideological, moral, behavioral and etiquette, stick to the principle of "highlighting key points and emphasizing practical results", carry out moral education, and actively carry out various thematic educational activities around the construction of campus culture.To enable students to learn to behave, learn to seek knowledge, learn to live, learn to work, learn to keep fit, learn to appreciate beauty, and strive to cultivate a new generation of people with civilized manners, daily etiquette, good moral character, mental health and innovative spirit. The Department of Political Education has mainly done the following work: 1. Improving the Methods of Moral Education and Improving the Effectiveness of Moral Education Schools adhere to the work idea of moral education as the head, actively study the content of moral education, put forward new ideas of moral education in schools, improve the methods of moral education in schools, and strive to improve the efficiency of moral education. 1Strengthening the Construction of Teachers'Morality and Style To do a good job of moral education in schools, we need a team of moral educators with rich experience and unique methods.Teachers should be organized to learn the Code of Professional Ethics for Primary and Secondary School Teachers, so that teachers can have noble professional ethics and good teachers'exemplary demeanor.Love life, love teaching, hard work, innovation and dedication.We should fully care for and care for the temporarily backward students and put an end to corporal punishment and disguised corporal punishment.Construct equal and democratic teacher-student relationship. 2Management of the Team of Head Teachers Hold a class teacher working meeting in time, discuss with the class teacher the method of school moral education work, arrange the monthly work focus and theme education activities, timely feedback, deal with the problems found in the class.And constantly improve the duties of the head teacher, work regulations, assessment and reward system, do a good job in the monthly check of the work of head teacher, strengthen the process management of the work of head teacher, take the performance of the work of head teacher as an important basis for promotion, evaluation and allowance. 3Strengthening the management of Underachievers Do a good job of helping and teaching poor students.This semester, all classes can combine the actual situation of the class, do a good job in helping and teaching poor moral students, strive to care for them with love, patience to influence them, try to eliminate some seemingly problematic in the budding state.The Department of Education and Politics has done a lot of work. It talks individually to the key problem students "one-to- one". It tries to find out the backward students and the children of single-parent families in our school. It also implements paired teaching teachers and measures to enhance the sense of responsibility of educational transformation. 2. Strengthen the training of behavioral norms, change the students'spiritual outlook, and continue to strengthen the education of behavioral norms this semester. 1Strengthen the cultivation education of behavior norms and carry out activities of honesty and credit from the side.To train and educate students in their study habits, abiding by rules and regulations, civilized etiquette habits and labor hygiene habits. 2Strengthen the inspection, evaluation and quantitative measures of behavioral norm education. This semester, the measures of checking and evaluating the code of conduct will be further improved and implemented.Re-formulate scoring content and standards, and redesign a more reasonable and standardized evaluation layout.Examination and evaluation of hygiene, desks and chairs, eye health exercises, sign wearing, dining in canteens and violations of discipline have been carried out in place. 3Continue to check and evaluate the behavioral norms of each class, and evaluate excellent classes every

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