(Emory) Lanzhi New Makeup on the Market Nanning Market Promotion Scheme * Promotion objectives:Through the introduction of the brand and the promotion of Korean culture, we can build up confidence for the new and old consumer groups of Emory, and cooperate with the support of various relevant information and information, so as to enhance the image of the brand in the public and promote the sales of the brand-related products in Nanning market. * Promotion time:XXX September 12-October 22 * Promotion methods: 1. Press conference (one day in the week before October 12) Through all-round propaganda of various media in the city, we can lay a good mass foundation for the establishment of a new image and the listing of new make-up. Cooperation of Women's Federation Institutions (12-14 October) As a representative of the best interests of women in the city, the role of women's federations can not be ignored.Products promoted by women's federations are often trusted organization of by women women's consumers.Through federations, the the vast majority of potential female consumers from all walks of life have participated in activities to maximize brand influence.Because women's federations should have a certain period of assessment for enterprises engaged in cooperative business activities, they need patience in seeking the cooperation of women's federations.It also needs to provide considerable benefits to women's federations. Media cooperation: 12 September-22 October 2000 1Contemporary Life News As one of the most influential newspapers in the city, it has always supported various commercial and non-commercial cultural activities in the society, and has a certain reputation. 2Nanning TV Economic Life Department Nanning Television Station is one of the media supported by the municipal government of this city. It has three sets of programs with high ratings. Advertising Plan (and Cost Budget) 1. Newspapers (1) Contemporary Life Daily (Hard Advertising Specification: 8 x 35 color edition) Time: 22 September and 6 October Cost: 10 640 yuan per period * 2 = 21 280 yuan (2) Contemporary Life (Soft Advertising Specification: Half-page Color Edition) Cost: 10,000 yuan for clothing and brand introduction (3) Nanguo Morning Post (Hard Advertising Specification: 8 x 23 color edition) Time: 15 September and 25 September Cost: 9000 yuan per period * 2 = 18000 yuan 2. Television Station Column: People's Life (Nanning Television Station 22:10 from Monday to Saturday) Cost: 3500 yuan/period (3-5 minutes)*2= 10500 yuan Column: The Fashion Edition of Economic and Trade Square (one set of Nanning Cable Station and two sets on Tuesday, April and June 20:30) Cost: 3500 yuan/period (3-5 minutes)*3= 10500 yuan (The same number of broadcasts can be added to the above columns) (3) News Form: Cost of Guangxi Cable Television Station: 2000 yuan 3. Reporter's Labor Expenses3000element 4. Field rent (1) Rental of press conference venue (Yongjiang Hotel Multifunctional Hall) 5000 yuan (2) Fashion Show Hall Time: 20:00-22:30 p.m. on October 13 and 14 Venue: People's Congress Hall Cost: 6000 yuan/field x 2 = 12000 yuan (3) Rehearsal and stage setting time: October 13, 9:00-18:00 Cost: 6000 yuan / 6000 yuan 5. Co-sponsorship fees Co-sponsors: Women's Federation

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