Summary of monthly work Chapter 1: Summary of the latest monthly work in 2016 and summary of the latest monthly work in 2016.As an administrative assistant, I have a lot of work to do, but I always feel that it is a small matter, these small things are gradually solved in my continuous work, and my working ability has been greatly improved.Society is like this, there are many places to exercise people, I believe that they can do well, but these need their own constant efforts, I believe that they will do well.With the care and support of the leaders and the enthusiastic help of colleagues, we have continuously strengthened our self- construction, strived to improve our self-cultivation, conscientiously fulfilled our duties and accomplished various tasks.To sum up, there are six main aspects as follows: First, strict self-discipline, establish a good image.Strictly abide by the rules and regulations of the office, always take the work as the first, the overall situation as the most important, in case of urgent tasks, overtime, no complaints.Leaders give instructions and try their best to accomplish them.Obey leadership, obey distribution, attach great importance to every work arranged by leaders and offices, regardless of size. They always fulfill their duties conscientiously and conscientiously, regardless of personal gains and losses, discounts and conditions.Often self-examination and selfencouragement, criticism and self-criticism, strict restraint of their words, deeds and actions, to establish a good image of office staff.2. Strengthen learning and constantly improve professional quality.Learn from colleagues modestly, often use network tools to exchange experiences with colleagues in the same position, and gradually improve themselves.In our work, we always set an example for our leaders and excellent colleagues. We can't go to school, ask questions if we don't understand them, learn from others'strengths and make up for our weaknesses. We have always maintained a positive attitude of modesty, prudence, diligence and eagerness to learn, and our comprehensive ability has been greatly improved.3. Work actively to accomplish all tasks.September has a Mid-Autumn Festival, for our service industry, all holidays have a great impact on our business.Therefore, before the coming of the festival, we must prepare all the relevant matters of the work properly.According to the arrangement of the leaders, we should conscientiously do all kinds of documents, announcements, printing, proofreading and communication work; serve the leaders in an all-round way, consult frequently and report diligently, and strive to be a good staff assistant, which has played a positive role in the orderly development of the whole office work.At the same time, often in-depth investigation and research at the grass-roots level, to understand the ideological dynamics of employees, for the leadership of scientific decision-making provides a reliable basis.4. Personnel management.Relatively speaking, our personnel work still has a lot to improve.This month, a serious problem has arisen, that is, the head office has to do the following work well: talking with employees, but it hasn't been implemented yet. Some departments have done it, but they haven't done it as required. This shows that this matter has not attracted the high attention of managers. We don't know the staff's thoughts well. We talked about who to keep people.In recent months, the number of new employees is almost the same as that of new employees. This month, the number of new employees is larger than that of new employees.From this we can see the importance of understanding the ideological work of employees.Among them, there is a great reason why this work has not been completed is that I have not done a good job of supervision, which is a manifestation of my work failure.This shows that my executive ability is not strong enough. In the future, I will strengthen this ability.Monthly Work Summary Model 5. Strengthen Attitude to Detail Work, Strengthen Language Skills and Eliminate Stress.Civilian work is the key to carefulness.For example, in the next article, I will also ponder, but because of nervousness, the brain will be short-circuited. This kind of performance is like Pan always said that the lack of operational skills, the emergency will be chaotic.However, she said that this ability is also related to experience, experience, will nat

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