Summary of Monthly Work on Safety Production Part 1: Safety Production Monthly Summary Report Safety Production Monthly Summary Report In order to effectively carry out the "Safety Production Month" activities, in-depth promote the implementation of the "Safety Production Year" measures, and promote the sustainable and stable development of the safety production situation of enterprises, our company adheres to the concept of safety production and stable development in accordance with the spirit of the Head Office's instructions, focusing on "prevention first, increase"The guideline of strengthening supervision and implementing responsibility takes the "Safety Production Month" as an opportunity to carry out fire drills, "Safety Production Propaganda Day" and "Safety Production Knowledge Competition" through various channels to publicize safety knowledge.In the afternoon of June 10, 2010, under the vigorous guidance of the Qihe Fire Brigade in Dezhou City, our company organized more than 30 employees to conduct intense and orderly fire fighting exercises for 2 hours.After a week's research and planning, the company's departments have carefully studied and organized the exercise in strict accordance with the exercise plan.Before the drill started, fire fighters gave detailed explanations to all employees on basic fire prevention knowledge, fire escape and self-rescue methods and the use of fire extinguishers, and demonstrated the use and operation of dry powder extinguishers and fire hydrants. Then, all employees conducted field exercises in the west of the gas station.Fig. 2 Firefighters explain fire knowledge to our company's employees. Fig. 3 All employees participating in the fire drill are reviewing the fire emergency incident of the company and factory area. With the strong support and cooperation of the fire department, they have achieved great success. In the course of the drill, all the leaders and employees are very serious, enthusiastic and can participate actively. At the same time, there exists a fire drill.There are also many problems. After the exercises, various departments expressed that they should sum up carefully, draw on the good side and improve their selfprevention consciousness in their work and daily life.There were no accidents in the whole exercise process. The simulated fire source was well controlled and the purpose of the exercise was basically achieved.Fig. 4 Firefighters demonstrate how to use fire extinguishers, Fig. 5 to put out fires. Through exercises, the fire awareness of all employees is enhanced, the fire fighting and evacuation ability of employees on the spot is improved, and the effective control ability of accidents in the production and operation process of the factory area is improved.In order to prevent enterprises from fire, we have made sufficient preparations for fire fighting and evacuation in time and effectively, and also provided guarantee for enterprises'safety in production.On June 21, 2010, our company actively carried out the "Safety Propaganda Day" in various districts. The propaganda activities were mainly carried out by hanging pictures and slogans, issuing propaganda materials, on-site consultation and staff commentary. The focus of the propaganda was on the danger of natural gas, the company's replacement ignition instructions, matters needing attention to the protection of gas facilities, and the acquisition of gas appliances.Some routine emergency measures such as purchase and use precautions, measures that residents should take when gas leakage occurs, etc.Chart 6 Safety Knowledge Promotion Picture 2: Summary Report of Monthly Work on Safety Production ***************************************************** Document ********************* Newspaper??????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????On the theme of "Safety Responsibility, Emphasis on Implementation" in June, the project manager department carried out the activities of "Safety Production Month".The activities of the 2011 Safety Production Month are summarized as follows: First, the leaders attach great importance to it and the organizational measures are in place.In order to strengthen the organization and leadership of the National Safety Production Month in 2011 and ensure the effective implementation of the Month, on May 13, 2011, the Project Department established Project Manager ** as team leader, Minister of Quality and Safe

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