** Summary of the MidAutumn Festival in Primary Schools in 2019 In order to make our teachers and students know more about the traditional festival of the Chinese nation, the customs and cultural connotations of the Mid-Autumn Festival, so that students can feel and inherit the traditional culture and folk customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival in the activities that they like to hear and see. From September 9 to 16, 2019, our school launched a series of activities with the theme of "Our Festival - Mid-Autumn Festival", which promoted the traditional culture of Mid-Autumn Festival and sang "Our Festival - Mid-Autumn Festival".So that all teachers and students further understand the Mid-Autumn Festival and other traditional festivals, inherited the national culture, carried forward the national spirit, stimulated patriotic enthusiasm.The activities are summarized as follows: First, the first grade held a theme class meeting - I know the Mid-Autumn Festival. In the activities of the theme class meeting, the teacher introduced the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival to the students, and explained the folklore stories of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Chang'e Running to the Moon and Wu Gang Vamping Gui.I also learned about the Mid-Autumn Festival by reading ancient poems and eating moon cakes with my classmates, which strengthened my patriotic feeling of being Chinese, speaking Chinese and celebrating the Chinese Festival.With the help of their parents, the students also displayed pictures and written materials of the origin, customs, food and stories of the Mid-Autumn Festival. Through heated exchanges and discussions, teachers and students felt the edification of the traditional culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival and experienced a strong Mid-Autumn complex. 2. Family reunion talk about moon cakes. On Mid-Autumn Night, we make mooncakes, taste mooncakes and talk about mooncakes with our grandparents and parents. We tell stories, customs, poems, wishes, songs and idioms about mooncakes and mooncakes. Three generations have compared their childhood mooncakes in terms of making methods, flavor, filling and packaging. They have realized the great changes in our lives since the reform and opening up.The family tasted the sweet moon cakes and shared the blessings of the Mid-Autumn Festival.Understanding the traditional culture of the Mid-Autumn Festival, feel the happy atmosphere of reunion of the Mid-Autumn Festival. 3. Best wishes with gratitude. Under the organization of class teachers, students make beautiful cards of love before the Mid-Autumn Festival, write a sentence of blessing, draw beautiful pictures, and give them to their closest relatives on the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival.This activity teaches students to know how to be grateful and rewarded. It also inspires students to study hard and reward their parents'kindness. Fourthly, the handwritten newspaper will bring light to the Mid-Autumn Festival. The students of middle and senior grades have gathered a lot of pictures, stories, poems and traditional cultural knowledge about the MidAutumn Festival with great interest. With the theme of "Our Festival - Mid-Autumn Festival", they have carefully designed the contents and produced a rich and ornamental Mid-Autumn Festival tabloid.School posted in the propaganda window for students to exchange learning, won everyone's applause and praise. Fifth, the theme class meeting of "Reciting Classical Poetry and Literature for Mid-Autumn Festival" was held. Teachers and students in all classes have carefully prepared good words and sentences about the Mid-Autumn Festival. They celebrate the MidAutumn Festival by reciting classical poems and essays. There are rich and colorful contents and forms of reading. There are ancient poems, proses and modern poems. Many students also write their own essays to express their feelings about the MidAutumn Festival.In a pleasant atmosphere, students not only further interpreted the MidAutumn customs, but also stimulated students'love for the motherland language and Chinese excellent culture, and enhanced students' national pride and cultural selfconfidence. 6. The packaging of moon cakes has changed greatly. Over-packaging of moon cake boxes wastes a lot of resources. Many families discard moon cakes after eating them.In order to reduce environmental pollution and turn waste into treasure, the school team advocated that the team members skillfully use moon cake box

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