Summary of Mathematics Teaching Work in 2019   In this semester, I teach automobile repair, accounting, computer one, computer two, a total of four classes of mathematics courses, 16 hours a week.Build Baidu Library, Youku, Potato Self-media, Mathematics Wechat Group, and provide learning resources through multimedia guidance.Now the work of this semester is summarized as follows, so that the future work can be better.   I. Teachers'Ethics Strictly abide by all kinds of rules and regulations of the school, actively participate in various educational activities, strengthen teachers'moral cultivation, strictly restrict themselves, teach and educate people, serve as a model for teachers, and obey leadership arrangements.Pay attention to the unity with colleagues and students.Class strict requirements for students, respect for students, promote teaching democracy, so that students learn something, and constantly improve their teaching level and ideological awareness.This semester's task of education and teaching has been completed smoothly.Attention should be paid to using network learning to help solve the problems encountered in the work. These theories and experiences should be taken as guidance for their own education and teaching work, and they should be modest in learning from teachers in their daily work.   II. Teaching Work In the teaching work, we should actively study the syllabus, study the requirements of college entrance examination, and prepare and teach well.Do a good job of preparing lessons, tutoring, correcting homework, etc. and pay attention to the teaching of basic knowledge, so that students can form knowledge network. In peacetime teaching, we should pay attention to the actual situation of students, compile teaching plans conscientiously, select good exercise topics, pay attention to the combination of lectures and practice, and exchange between teachers and students, and constantly sum up experience and lessons.Pay attention to the effect of classroom teaching, according to the characteristics of students, give priority to pleasant teaching, adhere to students as the main body, teachers as the leading, teaching effectiveness as the main line.Attention should be paid to grasping the key points and breaking through the difficulties in teaching. Strengthen the construction of education and teaching network resources, enrich the teaching carrier, network, fragmentation, discussion, team interactive learning. (1) Four Wechat Groups should be constructed to publish homework in time, exchange feedback education information and guide learning. (2) Baidu Library has published more than 20 math courseware and related teaching articles from zhenglidy 2. educational and (3)Youku, Potato Self-Media (Arts and Science Education Team) College Entrance Examination Reform, Secondary Mathematics, Junior Physics and other broadcasts more than 20 videos. Most of the assignments are dealt with in class, focusing on revision; then, according to the difficulties, doubts, and existing problems, the assignment of targeted intensified training assignments; timely understanding of students'learning situation, in order to achieve targeted guidance.  Analysis of Final Examination 1. The Basic Situation of Examination Papers There are 24 questions in the whole volume with 120 points. The examination time is 100 minutes.Among them, there are 15 multiple choice questions, with 60 points; 2, 5 filling-in questions, with 20 points; 3, 4 solving questions, with 40 points. Following the examination syllabus, referring to the layout and difficulty of college entrance examination questions in previous years, we should pay attention to the knowledge base and basic skills. The layout is more comprehensive, focusing on synthesis, examining, analyzing and solving problems. 2. Examination situation 1. The amount of questions is large, the examination time is 100 minutes, the time is tense; 2. Referring to the college entrance examination questions in previous years, the test questions are difficult; 3. The students'basic knowledge is not solid enough, the answers are not flexible enough, showing poor logic and comprehensive ability; 4. Inquiry learning and consolidation learning are insufficient, and "will not be right" situation appears.   IV. Existing Problems Of course, there are still some problems and regrets in this semester's teaching. 1. Speaking more, students do less.Students ha

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