First Round Review of College Entrance Examination English Unit 1 Lifestyles I. Sentence Filling 1. After he g from the university, he found a job in a computer company. 2. Study hard, o you will not pass the final exam. 3.I find stamp-collecting R and it takes my mind off the stress of my work. 4. In fact, life is full of different (challenge) when one is born into this world. 5. It is reported that there were about 100,000 Games-time (volunteers) taking part in the 2008 Olympic Games. 6. Some students complain that their homework is too much. They almost have no enough time to finish it. Answer: 1. Gradd 2. Other/or 3. relaxing 4. challenges 5. volunteers 6. complain II. Phrase Context Recognition Talk show; come up with; suffer from; switch off; get bored; be filled with; be free of; work one's way through sth. 1. She is sitting at her desk and a lot of documents. 2.I shall retire next year and the trouble from all kinds of work. 3.I anger when I see the middle-aged man kicking the dog. 4. The scientists are beating their brains trying to a solution to the problem. 5. Eventually the lights in the house were, and everything went black. 6. The glasses are really necessary to the man shortsightedness. Answer: 1. volunteers 2. be free of 3. was filled with 4. come up with 5. switched off 6. suffering from III. Translating Sentences 1.We will help your children learn their lessons in their spare time.(in one's spare time) 2.He likes playing football while I like reading.(while) 3.I eat breakfast after exercise every morning.(do some exercise) 4.Cars usually drive very fast, so it's dangerous to stop suddenly.(so... that) 5.Young people nowadays have a lot to do.(to do) We will help your children in learning lessons in their spare time. 2. He likes playing football while I like reading. 3. Every morning after I do some exercise, I have breakfast. 4. Cars often travel so fast that a sudden stop is dangerous. 5. Today's young people have a lot of things to do. IV. Single Fill-in 1. China has just launched series of gold and silver coins with the theme of the 60-year anniversary of founding of the People's Republic of China. A. /; the B.a; the C.a; / D.the; the Analysis: Examine articles.A series of means "a series"; the second empty space uses the definite article "the", referring specifically to the establishment of the People's Republic of China.So item B is chosen for this topic. Answer: B 2.What do you think of your English teacher? He is a strict teacher, but all his students show respect for. A. That B. The one C. who D. one Analysis: Examine pronouns.According to the meaning of the question, the blank part refers to a teacher, which is not only strict with students but also highly respected by students.So choose item D. Answer: D Knowledge expansion: one refers to the singular number of countable nouns mentioned above, which is general; the one refers to the singular number of countable nouns mentioned above, which is specific; that refers to the singular or uncountable nouns mentioned above; it refers to the countable noun itself mentioned above. 3.Where is your mother working? In a hospital our town. A. is located in B. located in C.set in set in Analyzing the sentence structure, we can see that the blank part is the postpositional attributive, which means "a hospital in our town", so we use locate, and there is a verb-object relationship between the verb locate and the noun hospital, so we choose item B. Answer: B 4.Oh, how depressed! I'm bound to lose to him in tomorrow's competition. Cheer up! In fact, he is more than you. A.not more nervous more nervous less nervous D.a little less nervous Analysis: According to the meaning "in fact, he is as nervous as you", item C is correct. Answer: C Knowledge Expansion: In English, A is no + comparative Adjective + than B means "neither A nor B..."A is not + comparative Adjective + than B means "A is inferior to B".I am not richer than you. (I am as poor as you.) I am not richer than you. (I am not richer than you.) 5. He was, after all, the manager, and did not appreciate to feel like an ignorant schoolboy. A. being made B. to make C.making be made Analysis: Examine non-predicate verbs.Meaning: After all, he is a manager. He doesn't like to be seen as an ignorant student.Appreciation is followed by V. ing, where there is "being treated as..."Meaning, the passive form in the form of V. ing is intentio

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