Summary of kindergarten work Guidance:This article is about the summary of kindergarten work. If you think it's good, you are welcome to comment and share! [Fan Wenyi: Summary of Kindergarten Work] Full of hope and expectation, full of harvest and joy, we have gone through a hard and developing school year together.Over the past year, it is gratifying that all the teachers and staff who stay in kindergartens do not disgrace their mission. In the most difficult moments, they can take the overall situation into consideration, be willing to contribute, leave their personal interests behind, firmly love for early childhood education, adhere to this barren land, have selfless dedication and willingness to poverty, and encourage our administrative staff to work hard and earnestly implement it.The tasks entrusted to us by Grade A have been successfully accomplished.In the past year, all the teachers and staff in our kindergarten have set up a new image, made new contributions and made new achievements in accordance with the overall objectives and requirements of the District Education Committee and the town education and management center, guided by the working rules of kindergartens and the management of kindergartens, in order to further promote the curriculum reform, optimize Kindergarten-based training, and for the purpose of running people's satisfactory education and creating safe and harmonious kindergartens.Achievements.Now summarized as follows: First, to strengthen the construction of two teams, to create a service-oriented teaching staff.(1) Construction of the administrative team: The quality of the administrative team directly affects the future and development of the school. If we do a good job of the school team, we will do a good job of the development of a school. Team building is the leader, the key and the top priority.We attach great importance to strengthening the cultivation of the political and ideological qualities of the members of the team, requiring each school administration to maintain a high degree of consistency with its superiors in political and ideological aspects. We must take stability, quality and development as the first priority, stress principles in major matters and style in minor matters, firmly grasp the spirit of "stability is the prerequisite for development, quality is the life of the school" and work independently.Enhance the sense of mission and responsibility, to be rigorous and pragmatic, practicing, not afraid of hardships and dangers, pioneering and innovative, conscientious, administrating according to law, running schools according to law, leading the staff to build a good image of the school.Secondly, we focus on building a platform for each administration and consolidating the business foundation of the team.According to the principle of division of labor and responsibility, the school work is dominated by the members of the team.Team members should exercise the power entrusted to them by the Party and the people correctly; they should be very clear about the school situation; be familiar with the business they are in charge of; work ideas should be clear, the operation process should be meticulous, rigorous and feasible; they should be good at coordination and not blame each other; they should have a high sense of responsibility and professional ethics; they should strive to improve work efficiency and speed up the pace of work; they should be good at summarizing.Keep pace with the times, focus on innovation, and constantly improve the level of work.Teams regularly and adequately exchange opinions with each other. They should be less angry, often fill the desks and not dismantle them.To the members of the team, we have accomplished the task of "setting up the platform, pressing the burden and paving the road", setting up the platform in schools and singing operas by the team, which consolidates the business foundation of the team and strengthens the cohesion of the team.(2) Forming a network of teachers'team building strengthening education and strengthening the construction of teachers' team is the basis and core of the teachers'team directly team. reflects The the image image of of education.Teachers in the whole school should set up a new concept of education and teachers, strengthen the cultivation of teachers'morality, standardize words and deeds,

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