Summary of kindergarten teaching and research work First, the working attitude of the Natural Science Team in this semester is to continue to implement the spirit of the Outline of Basic Education Curriculum Reform, follow the school-running concept, closely around the experimental primary school is the cradle of training excellent primary school graduates, the open classroom of Xinjiang primary education, the school-running goal of leading Xinjiang primary education as a banner, and the guidance of the overall work.Thought.On the basis of undertaking all the work of education and teaching in the last semester, we should further sort out the gains and losses in the management work, guide all science teachers to work hard, work happily and enjoy their work, take deepening the reform of basic education curriculum as the center, firmly establish students first, teachers first, teaching first and quality.First, based on reality, under the correct leadership of the school, we should focus on the main points of this semester's work in science education and teaching, conscientiously grasp all kinds of work, and strive to improve the effect of science education.Secondly, the concept of learning status is the soul of action. The concept of education plays a guiding and leading role in teaching. Only with new ideas can there be a new teaching reform.Through learning theoretical articles, reflections and discussions, our group raises teachers'awareness, strengthens teachers' responsibilities, changes teachers'previous concepts from the aspects of teachers' roles, teachers'actions, teacherstudent relations and learning methods, and makes teachers' concepts in the group coordinate with the direction of the new curriculum. Only in this way can we radiate the vitality and creativity of teaching.Teachers of science group can actively learn relevant political theories, educational laws and regulations, modern educational theories, information technology and other related knowledge, strengthen their own moral cultivation, and constantly update the educational concept.Insist on the teaching and research activities twice a week. On Monday, organize the whole group of teachers to study the teaching theory of primary school science education seriously. Each time, select a scientific theory article or teaching and research paper. Teachers in the group put forward their own views and perceptions on the basis of full study and teaching practice in our school.Actively encourage and urge teachers in the group to fully implement the new curriculum reform concept in their daily classroom teaching.Tuesday (reproduced from the first collective lesson preparation and teaching skills research activities, organized teachers to discuss and debate various problems encountered in teaching; familiar with scientific instruments, experimental operation exercises, for teachers in teaching activities can skillfully carry out demonstration experiments.In this semester, our group used Monday's teaching and research activities to study articles such as "Creating Research Team of Teachers to Create Scientific Education Characteristics", "Where to Start Teaching", "Focusing on the Standards of Good Classes in Classroom", "Seven Essentials of Science Teaching", "Language and Art of Science Course" and discuss them with the practice of science education and teaching. Teachers in the group combined with reality and thought carefully.Examination, enthusiastic speech, and be able to combine the theory of learning with education and teaching.Actively participate in all kinds of meetings and learning and training activities organized by the school, so as not to be late, not to leave early and not to be absent.In all kinds of school learning, training and meetings, the participants in my group can listen carefully and take good notes, keep a special book, keep clear entries and write neatly.Make use of after-school time to exchange teaching experience and make courseware (teaching aids). Teachers in the Group actively use modern teaching methods to exceed the application targets of multimedia technology stipulated by the school.Teachers in the Group actively strengthen the basic skills training of teachers, practicing good characters, reading monographs, reading teaching magazines, making reading notes, compiling test questions.Look at the teaching webpage and write teaching essays.The group leader checks every month acco

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