Summary of Kindergarten Teaching and Research Activities Model Paper 004 The busy and fruitful month of teaching and research activities is coming to an end.Overall, all mathematics teachers conscientiously carry out the school education and teaching work plan, change ideas, actively explore, reform teaching, and combine the new ideas of the new curriculum standards with the new ideas and ideas of mathematics classroom teaching, which has achieved good results. First, insist on theoretical study and write thesis conscientiously If teachers do not study, teaching and research activities will cost "wood without foundation, water without source".In order to strengthen self- cultivation and improve quality, we have earnestly studied Interpretation of New Curriculum Standards, How to Teach Problem-solving Lessons in Primary School Mathematics Teachers, and Ten Suggestions from a Young Principal to Young Teachers in Teachers Exposition, so that the whole group of teachers have been deeply educated. It has become the consensus of the whole group of teachers to organize teachers to study subject journals, to understand the information of teaching and research reform, to study well and to teach well. Not only that, but also we should pay attention to using teaching theory to guide teaching practice and to write thesis conscientiously.Writing papers is the weakness of our group. Therefore, strengthening the training of writing papers has become one of the important topics of our group. II. Actively participate in and carry out teaching and research activities At the beginning of each semester, we have plans for teaching and research activities, and at the end of the semester, we have a summary of teaching and research activities.Every math teacher in this semester is a practitioner of classroom teaching. In order to ensure the implementation of the new curriculum standards, we regard classroom teaching as a learning environment conducive to students'initiative to explore. While students acquire knowledge and skills, they can fully develop their emotions, attitudes and values as the basic guiding ideology of the teaching reform. We regard mathematics teaching as yes.In order to reform the classroom structure and teaching methods, improve the level of teachers'classroom teaching and improve the efficiency of classroom teaching, we insist on carrying out the activities of listening, evaluating and lecturing, and regard this activity as an important teaching and research activity. Every week, the teachers in our group attach great importance to the activities of listening to and evaluating classes. They prepare lessons carefully before listening to classes, design teaching plans and consult with each other.After listening to the lesson, we should make a careful evaluation, such as whether the teaching content is properly arranged, whether the difficulties are broken through, whether the teaching method is proper, the use of teaching methods, the infiltration of teaching ideas and methods, whether it meets the requirements of quality education, teachers'basic teaching skills and so on.Listening and evaluating activities have promoted the improvement of teaching level. 3. Writing Teaching Reflections Seriously The writing of teaching reflection should not only write down the personal experience or omissions in teaching, but also record the flashing points or puzzles in students'learning. It is the most valuable first-hand material for teachers. The accumulation of teaching experience and the absorption of lessons are very useful for improving classroom teaching and improving teachers' teaching level in the future. Therefore, teachers write teaching reflection seriously. Interim communication is a rich content for every teacher. We exchange teaching reflection books, that is, check and learn from each other.And there are many reflections uploaded to the campus network for publication. Discussion, reflection, extend the essence of open class to daily teaching practice.Listen to the lectures of famous teachers, observe their demonstration teaching, comprehend their noble virtues and explore their excellent classroom teaching skills, so organize teachers to observe their lectures. At the same time, we have arranged students'extracurricular activities as a whole. The activities are organized and planne

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