Summary of Kindergarten Teaching and Research Activities Model Paper 002 This semester actively promotes quality education, explores and innovates kindergarten- based teaching and research forms suitable for the kindergarten, further improves the construction of kindergarten teachers, promotes the quality of education and teaching to a new level, and successfully completes the teaching and research objectives and the kindergarten-based work plan of the Bureau of Education. 1. Increasing the regular management of teaching requires teachers to carry out teaching activities in a planned and prepared way, prepare lessons one week in advance, make teaching aids, and conscientiously attend every lesson and organize activities in every link in accordance with the requirements of thematic activities.Front- service cadres strengthen the routine inspection of every link of daily activities, and carry out a monthly business inspection with emphasis, such as teacher preparation, children's homework, theme environment creation, children's growth files, etc., so as to arrange for inspection, summary, assessment and timely correction of problems; at the end of the semester, teachers'listening records and children's development status are checked and evaluated.And assessment, so that all the work has come to fruition. 2. The excellent team of listening and evaluating in various forms will greatly promote the improvement of teachers'teaching level. This semester, the teaching cadres of the teaching grade participate in the class and group's listening and evaluating, and promote the professional growth of teachers' echelons in different forms of listening. 1.Regular attendance.Organize 36 isomeric classes for all, 16 growth classes for young teachers under 30 years old, 36 instructive classes for Blue Engineer Fu, and 10 push classes for Blue Engineering. 2.Selection and evaluation of analogous lectures in March to listen to the county's social field selection classes 2, 4 guidance classes; April to listen to the county's health field selection guidance classes 5; June to listen to the county's scientific selection classes 3, 2 guidance classes; to listen to the director's high-quality grinding classes 3; June to organize teaching and research groups, scientific research groups, supervise rough evaluation of quality classes for blue engineering apprentices, listening to 18 classes, awarded 4 first prize.People, 6 second-class prizes and 8 third-class prizes. 3. Develop the layered handwritten textbook preparation semester under the call of the county teaching and research office, implement the new model of preparing lessons, try the old model of preparing textbooks for lessons. According to the age of teachers, divide the new model into three levels. Teachers should keep detailed records within five years. Teachers should keep concise records within six to ten years. Teachers should keep concise records for other subjects. Teachers should keep concise records for more than 11 years. Format refers to the teacher's book of kindergarten course and prepare lessons one week in advance.Teachers prepare textbooks once a month and select excellent textbooks at the end of the semester. IV. Focus on Professional Theory Learning 1.Strengthen the study of the Guide.At the beginning of the semester, A Handbook of "Guidelines" was produced, and one copy was issued for each class to publicize the study in peacetime and guide the education and teaching. 2.Carry out the evaluation of learning experience of Early Education.Publicity teachers read this professional magazine, this semester read "early education" magazine, teachers, nurses unlimited scope, arbitrary reading articles, monthly by the teaching and research group, supervision group for an excellent evaluation. 5. Playing the role of demonstration and training base, our kindergarten will play the role of demonstration and radiation of leading kindergartens in the county, give full play to the advantages of high-quality educational resources, provide opportunities for kindergartens in towns and villages to observe business learning and actively carry out business training. 1.Open activities for teaching and research in the county.In March, we organized the whole county's teaching activities in the social field; in June, "Jin

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