Kindergarten Teachers'Summary of Terms Years are like arrows, days and moons are like shuttles.In a twinkling of an eye, my semester passed, and it was time to summarize.The following is a summary of the work collected by the kindergarten teachers, waiting for reading.For more information, please continue to pay attention to your homework summary program! Summary of Kindergarten Teachers'Homework Years and months passed in a hurry, as if only for a moment.Recalling the experience of this year, homework is busy, but very busy.For every child to have progress, this is my unremitting driving force.In one year, I spent my utmost effort, poured out the highest enthusiasm, and completed a semester of homework with strength and diligence.The assignments for this semester are summarized as follows: I. Political Thinking I love my own homework posts, can do: not late, do not leave early; respect leadership, joint fire companions, abide by the rules and regulations of the park; participate in the activities arranged in the park vividly; implement the responsibility of teachers, help the teachers in the class carefully to do class work, and strive to ensure that children spend a safe and happy day in the children's park.In teaching, I respect children, build equivalence, and reconcile warm class air.With eyes to each child, from the children to shine, to light the lamp of their pride and selfreliance, I help children find their own superior intelligence, establish their pride and sense of belonging to the group.For example, when telling stories in the lecture hall, I will use various vivid visual teaching aids, and use abundant expressions to tell stories to arouse children's preferences. 2. Careful lesson preparation According to the content of teaching, the practice of children and the type of program courses, we should draw up the selected teaching methods and write the teaching plan carefully.Every lesson should be well prepared. Every lesson should be well prepared before class, and make all kinds of funny teaching toys that can attract students'attention. 3. Keep in touch with others In the homework, I try my best to strengthen the teaching technology, and strive to clarify, organize, precise, emotional contagion, vivid, so as to make clear, clear hierarchy, deepen shallow.In the activities, we should pay more attention to mobilizing children's vividness, strengthening teacher-child communication, fully embodying the main effect of children, so that children can communicate dynamically, learn in play, learn simply, learn easily and learn happily. 4. Humility and modesty In teaching, doubts must be asked.In teaching, we should vividly seek the opinions of other teachers and learn their methods. Together, we should listen to more teachers'lessons, learn the interests of others while listening, overcome our own shortcomings, seek their opinions and improve homework. I love kindergarten education because this homework is pure and elegant. 5. Parental homework The healthy growth of children requires the cooperation of children's kindergartens and parents, so the exchange of homework has become a key project.I automatically and cordially communicate with my parents.I make full use of the morning reception and school time to communicate with parents, so that parents can understand the situation of their children in the garden.I timely reflect the children's reflection and questions presented in the kindergarten to parents, contact them vividly, and respond to the questions presented in time, so that parents can understand the situation, so that they can cooperate with each other to experience and help the children go on very well.Make every effort to satisfy the parents, make them feel at ease, and spread love to every child.Someone said that you respect others, others respect you, and at home. During the long communication, I sincerely regard them as my own brothers, but when they encounter difficulties, I am very enthusiastic to help them. For this reason, I think that only by paying for it, parents will be able to do my homework. After all, this semester is very busy and very tired, and the harvest is certainly not small.In the homework I enjoy the pleasure of harvest, but also found some doubts in the homework.In future assignments, I should constantly learn new common sense, strive to advance thinking and the nature of affairs, boldly innovate teaching methods, and learn th

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