Summary of kindergarten semester work The summary time of kindergarten semester work is really fast. In a twinkling of an eye, the teaching work of one semester has come to an end. In order to do a better job in the future, sum up experience and learn lessons, I summarize the work of this semester as follows: In education and teaching, teaching children how to be human has great attraction to me, because being a person is the basis of child-rearing. First of all, I infiltrate ideological education.In teaching, children are infected with the ideological content of children's song stories, and then they are taught how to do it. Finally, in the way of role exchange, they are helped to learn to think from other people's point of view and experience other people's emotions, so that they can think more about others when they encounter problems, and change the way they usually preach to self-teaching, and tell them by action that they should do so correctly.Once or twice, the effect comes out slowly.There is also a general lack of assessment of their ability in our class, many want to do things afraid of not doing well, dare not try, I use careful observation, prompt encouragement method, in providing a relaxed learning atmosphere at the same time and try with children, and constantly give them the courage to overcome.Gradually, through education, our children's moral behavior has changed greatly. They can understand, help and care for others. They can also evaluate other people's behavior and propose solutions to behavioral problems. Their autonomy has been greatly improved. However, their self-control and self-discipline are still insufficient, and they can not follow the rules and speak order well.Although there are still flaws in the work of educating people, the changes of children have made me experience the success of education, and also made me appreciate that the most important thing of successful education is to let children know how to be a real person.In terms of work performance, this semester I can actively obey the leadership, cooperate with the completion of various activities in the park, conscientiously complete the educational and scientific research work, have my own ideas on the physical and mental education of special children, and achieve the goal of facing the whole, spreading love to every child, through three teachers'cooperation, mutual respect, timely discussion and protection in accordance with the principle of "all for children"The existing problems in teaching work and the pertinent adjustment of education and conservation methods.The three teachers also developed sisterly friendship in their work.On Parents'Open Day, the three teachers cooperated with each other tacitly and achieved the expected success. The parents also gave us a better evaluation verbally.As a young educator, I deeply know that Pinyin teaching is a basic content. The quality of Pinyin learning directly affects children's future learning and life.Although its content is dull and dull, but the book is dead and people are alive. Let us all educators and all families join hands and actively and reasonably use teaching methods and teaching means to make up for the defects in teaching content. It can also make dull Pinyin teaching a happy ocean, combining the actual acceptance ability of children and their age characteristics.The semester mainly adopts intuitive, multi-practice teaching method. Each vowel is taught to consider how children can remember firmly and learn flexibly. At the same time, children are allowed to observe and think, the composition of vowels and the comparison between vowels.At the same time, demonstrate pronunciation until children can pronounce quasi-pronunciation.In recognition, image memory and comparative memory are mainly used to make children remember flexibly and not easily forgotten.Through this semester's study, children mainly learn 24 vowels, master the basic Pinyin method, use Pinyin to learn some Putonghua, but also learn simple common words.At the end of the year, 54 children in our class got 100 points in Pinyin test, 46 children got 100 points, 7 children got 90 points and 1 child got 80 points. Good results were achieved and parents were very satisfied.In terms of teachers'accomplishment, I have a strong desire to improve my professional level, a passion for innovation and a courage for reform.Be able to pay serious and responsibl

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