Summary of kindergarten logistics work in 2018 Guidance:This article summarizes the logistics work of kindergartens in 2018 for reference only. If you can help, you are welcome to comment and share. Over the past semester, under the direct leadership of the Ministry of Gardens, logistics personnel have actively carried out their work, fully serving the teaching and serving as a strong backing of the front line of teaching.The logistics work of kindergartens in 2018 is summarized as follows. Let's get to know it quickly.Summary of kindergarten logistics work in 2018 with the implementation of kindergarten management, in the past semester, under the direct leadership of the kindergarten department, logistics personnel actively carry out their work, fully serve the teaching, as a strong backup of the front line of teaching.In order to carry forward the achievements and do a better job in the future, the logistics work of kindergartens is summarized as follows: 1. Strengthen learning and improve quality.Every month, nurses take part in various forms of learning activities, such as one-day work arrangement of nurses, how to disinfect toys, etc. Educational logisticians should take the needs of kindergartens as their responsibility, make good teaching plans, love their jobs, and serve teachers and children with self-esteem, self-respect, self- improvement and wholeheartedness.Seriously learn advanced technical skills, so that every logistics personnel can keep up with the pace of the times, improve the quality of service and education.The safety work of the whole kindergarten is the guarantee of all work, and all logistic work is carried out with this purpose.2. Clear responsibilities and high-quality service.Our kindergarten logistics team, according to the nature of the work, can be divided into three parts: health care, care, guard. Because of the uneven staffing, sometimes it is a parttime job.Nursing work requires meticulous, through continuous summary and exchange, develop advantages, correct shortcomings, and improve the level of service.At the monthly working meeting of nurses, aunts with longer working hours are asked to introduce the highlights of their better work. Aunts with shorter working hours are asked to explain specific operating methods, and to analyze whether their operations are correct and complement each other's strengths and weaknesses.In December, Taicang City Women's Health Care Institute inspected the health care work in our garden. The aunt's fluent answer, complete information and clean environment left a good impression on them.The main duty of the guard is to "take good care of his own door and keep good control of his own people". The guard often checks the implementation of the visitor registration and interrogation system, and strictly forbids the social idle personnel to enter the campus, so as to ensure the normal teaching order of kindergartens.The purpose of logistics service is to do all the service work well for front-line teachers and children, to go deep into the class, to understand the teacher's voice, to arrange the desks and stools, beds, learning supplies, etc. for each class at the beginning of the school, to work hard and complain at ordinary times, and to prepare goods, venues, audio and multimedia for all activities.Especially in this semester, when we set up the provincial model kindergarten, the teacher needed something to get, but did not go out to buy it; the environment was arranged and overtime worked; the materials were sorted out and the rest day was dedicated. The most unforgettable thing was to buy things in Changshu with Wang Jianmei, the head of Fuyuan, in the heavy rain and hungry belly.In addition, we should strengthen the custody of kindergarten property, check and check at the beginning and at the end of the term, reduce unnecessary losses and save expenses.The warehouse key is managed by a special person, and the materials in and out are registered.Savings that can be saved have contributed to the savings of kindergarten expenditure.Thirdly, we should lay stress on safety work and make a good school safety work plan to ensure the healthy growth of children.1. Leaders attach importance to and recognize position.The kindergarten will continue to establish and improve the school safety work leading group with the head of the kindergarten as the first responsible person. A

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