Summarize the key points of English in Xiaoshengjunior middle school, there is always something you need! Guidance:This article summarizes the key points of English in Xiaoshengjunior middle school. There is always something you need.For reference only, if you feel good, you are welcome to comment and share. Eight ways to memorize English: pronunciation and memory English is a spelling language, most words conform to the rules of spelling.According to the combination of letters and the rules of pronunciation, you can read a word and spell it out.Therefore, as long as the pronunciation is correct, most words are easier to spell according to the pronunciation.When learning new words, first pronunciation of the words is accurate, and then the words are memorized according to spelling rules.When memorizing words, it is important to remember vowel letters and the combination of letters containing vowel letters.Because the pronunciation of consonant letters is relatively simple, basically in accordance with the phonetic symbols of letters, while vowel letters are more complex. There are different pronunciations in opening and closing syllables. Different letters and letter combinations have the same pronunciation, while the same letters have different pronunciation.Therefore, when memorizing a word, first pronounce the word accurately, then carefully see which vowel or letter combination pronounces the sound, and remember the vowel or letter combination, the word will be basically remembered.When classifying and memorizing words, we can sum them up into a series to remember them.For example, family series, there are grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, brother, sister, son, aunt, uncle and so on.We can classify and memorize by stationery, food, animal, appellation, color, occupation, transportation, time, etc.When learning Chinese characters as a whole, we do not memorize every Chinese character one stroke at a time, but mostly according to the combination of radicals.In memorizing English words, we can also learn from the method of memorizing Chinese characters by taking several letters as a whole and combining them with other letters or letters to form new words, thus greatly reducing the difficulty of memory, such as "ow" plus different letters, which can form how, cow, low, now, town, down, know, etc.; "ight" and adding different letters in front.The letters can form eight, light, right, fight, night, sights, etc.We have memorized such a combination of letters as a whole. It is much easier to remember words containing such a combination of letters.Like Chinese, associative memory of some English words originates from pictographs, and each letter has its representative meaning.For example, orange highlights the orange's round (o), lion highlights the lion's long tail (l), "tr ee" regards tr as trunk and branch, EE as leaf."E y e" takes two e as two eyes, and Y in the middle is the nose.Banana sees a as bananas."Bird" takes B and D as two wings and so on.Let the students remember the pictures of the letters, we can solve the problem of not knowing the words.In addition memory, some compound words can be decomposed into learned word memory.For example: sun + glasses = sunglasses, class + room = classroom, rain + coat = raincoat, fire + man = fireman, some words are very similar.When memorizing, we can find out the differences by comparing them and focus on memorizing them, so that we can remember them easily without confusing words.For example: 1) English-Chinese comparison such as: coke-cola, T-shirt, hamburger, coffee, bar, 2) singular-plural comparison such as: good-good s, glass- glasses, wood-woods 3) homonym comparison such as: eye-I, who's, see-sea, meet-meat, right-write sensory memory according to the test, the more organs and body parts involved in memorizing words, the more the word impression in the brain.The deeper the memory, the longer it will last.In primary school English, most of the words are specific, but few are abstract.When memorizing words, don't use only one sense organ, try to use as many senses as possible, such as ear, mouth, handwriting, eyes, mind, etc.When the new words are presented, let the students see the shape of the things represented by the words they have learned. They can have an intuitive feeling through physical objects, cards or a few simple strokes.For example, words such as school supplies, transportatio

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