English Summer Homework Check Report 2019.9.2 As the new semester began, I carefully examined my classmates'English summer homework.Most of the students can finish their homework carefully, especially Wang Chao-ran, Ma Jingyi, Huang Yanju, Zhang Yan, Yang Shuying, and so on. The writing of words is standardized and neat. After they finish their homework in summer vacation, they all have correct answers. What they don't know is recorded in their homework in summer vacation.Zhao Wenjie, Li Zijia, Li Junliang and other students do not do well enough, writing is not neat, there are no questions to do. From the students'winter vacation homework, the main weaknesses of students are: 1The writing of words is not standardized and the handwriting is disorderly. 2: There are many errors in sentence pattern conversion. 3Weak reading ability and fear of reading questions.Students don't think enough about giving and answering sentences and filling in questions. 4The underachievers do not grasp the basic knowledge well and do it seriously enough. Improvement measures: 1. In teaching, we should pay close attention to the spelling of words, standardize students'calligraphy, and gradually improve over time. 2. Strengthen the cultivation of students'reading and reciting ability, lay stress on the foundation, and cultivate the sense of achievement and happiness in learning English. 3. Make full use of the help and driving role of outstanding students, and use the form of "one by one" to promote the progress of underachievers.Teachers are diligent in supervising and inspecting backward students. 5.Use the method of prescribed time to attract students to focus on learning words and reciting dialogues. 6.For classroom exercises, after-class homework should be inspected more vigorously, timely comments should be made, and students should be guided to develop good habits of learning English.

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