Summary of Health Promotion Work in 2018 Under the high attention of hospital leaders, the whole hospital staff worked together according to the requirements of health education in order to improve the awareness rate of health education knowledge, the formation rate of health behavior and the awareness rate of related knowledge of patients'family members. They actively carried out various forms of health education and health promotion activities, and achieved remarkable results.Health education and tobacco control counseling and health education have been set up in the hospital. The health education work in our hospital is summarized and reported as follows: 1. Improving the Organization Strengthening System Our hospital has put health education on the important agenda of the hospital. Firstly, we have improved health education at three levels: hospital, department and ward. A leading group of health promotion hospital has been set up. Guo Zhiwei, the staff of the department, is in charge of health education in the undergraduate department.Under the circumstances of controlling the increase of funds for other projects, hospitals try their best to ensure the expenditure of health education funds, to improve health education supporting education propaganda facilities, positions to invest and in health materials, to formulate health education plans and implementation programs, so as to ensure the smooth development of health education in hospitals. 2. Improving Measures and Implementing them (1) The hospital has formulated the work system of health education and health promotion, and the implementation plan of the annual plan. (2) Improve all kinds of guidance signs, check-up procedures, check-up notes to facilitate patient visits, hospital appearance and mental outlook of medical staff have significantly improved. (3) Health education in hospitals in various ways 1Health education propaganda board: It mainly introduces health education knowledge, mental health knowledge, smoking control knowledge, first aid knowledge, safety knowledge, hospital equipment, departments, expert briefs, and guidance for patients to see a doctor.Health education consulting desk and psychological consulting room are set up in outpatient clinic to provide oral health education guidance and consultation for waiting patients, introduce hospital environment, answer patients'questions and issue health care. Educational materials.Health education materials are placed in outpatient reference frame for free access by patients.The doctor attends the clinic for follow-up health education, and directs patients to check up, medication health guidance or issuing health education prescriptions according to their condition. 2Health education information shelves are placed in outpatient and inpatient halls and departments for free access to health education information for patients coming to the hospital.Outpatient clinics are equipped with health education information shelves, Health Education Prescriptions and health education materials are placed, and outpatient doctors in various departments are trained to use health education prescriptions correctly, so as to improve the health knowledge of patients with related diseases. 3Health education prescriptions, propaganda boards and responsible nurses are distributed to all clinical departments to educate the patients in charge. The nursing department and the quality control group conduct random checks on inpatients every month. 4Actively participated in the activities of free clinic week organized by the health bureau, such as "serving the people, health trip", "science popularization day", "breastfeeding week", "World Hemophilia Day", "health examination for centenarians" and other publicity activities. 5They went to the countryside to help the health centers, and did a lot of work for health education in the health centers. 6The ward holds public rest seminars every month, and health education, health promotion and smoking control activities meetings, organizes patients and their families to participate in health education, learn health education knowledge, solicit opinions from patients and their families, so that inpatients and their families can provide their own health knowledge and improve the shortcomings of our work at the same time.The awareness rate of health education knowledge about patients'accompanying patients was more th

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