Summary of Head Teacher's Work Three Xiao Wang Yanfeng in Kunyang Town Summary of Head Teacher's Work This semester, I continue to work as a fourth grade head teacher.Through the understanding of students in the last semester, through my unremitting efforts and careful organization and management of the semester, both students and class management, have reached a new level.But even a perfect job can have such shortcomings.Therefore, in view of the problems existing in the previous semester, such as the lack of strict class management, the formation of good habits of students, the lack of good learning atmosphere and so on, the students'interest in learning is still not high, the students' foundation is poor, and the results are not ideal, so we should prescribe the remedy for the problem, adopt appropriate working methods of the head teacher, and do a good job in the work of the head teacher in this semester.This semester, I mainly focus on the following aspects: First, cultivate competent assistants and play a leading role by example. A good head teacher, in order to make his work carried out smoothly, must learn to let go of students'hands and feet, let students learn to manage themselves.In this way, the work of the head teacher can be carried out relaxedly and happily, and with good results.To let students manage themselves, we need to train class cadres in the class, and let class cadres instead of teachers to manage the class.In this semester's class teacher work, I focus on the training of small cadres.First, elect class cadres.Through class meetings and classes, the class cadres that students like are democratically elected.Secondly, talk to class cadres and individual students in class to help them build up selfconfidence and eliminate negative factors that are not conducive to class management and growth.Finally, the class system should be formulated jointly with the students and implemented strictly according to the class system.If other students are required to do this, class cadres should do it first.In the daily affairs of the class, the class cadres can handle them, and let the class cadres do as much as possible.Through one semester of training and training, small cadres have made class management sound and colorful.Not only have the abilities of several small cadres been improved, their prestige has been enhanced in the class, but also they have set a good example for other students with their good performance.With their cooperation and help, the activities of our class are carried out in an orderly manner, and the management of my class is much easier. Our class is also on a benign track of development. 2. Develop students'good habits patiently. In the last semester, although I made great efforts in class management, how to make these children more sensible and progressive?In my opinion, good habits are the basis of learning.But I also understand that no matter what kind of habit, Chengdu can not "do it right away".After all, it's a fourth grade student.Their characteristics are still active and interesting, and their self-restraint and self-consciousness are relatively poor. It is impossible for them to form good habits at once.This requires that in the daily class management, patiently educate them, sincerely guide them, and look forward to their every point of progress.Class management is no trivial matter.Therefore, on the basis of understanding each student, starting from every trivial matter in life and study, I pay attention to cultivating students'good study and living habits, and create a harmonious and tidy learning and living environment for students.I use class meetings to strengthen students'ideological education.Through the discussion of the whole class, I explained it patiently and carefully so that the students could make clear what could be done and what could not be done.I encourage and praise the students who have done well in class and have made progress in all aspects. I also try to persuade the students who have done poorly in class to summarize and evaluate their performances regularly so as to help them develop good study and living habits initially.Through their careful management in peacetime bit by bit, the students in our class are getting better and better in all aspects of habits, and their performance is getting better and better.This has laid a solid foundation for the fut

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