Summary of Final Work in Kindergarten Middle Class Summary of the end-of-term work in kindergartens we are used to using a blink of an eye to describe the passage of time.That's not true. A semester is over in a twinkling of an eye. What is it that you pay for and what is your harvest?Look back carefully on one semester's work.(1) Nursing work, learn from the lessons of safety accidents of last semester, this semester we put safety work in the first place, insist that teachers and children are not separated from each other for a second, always have children in their eyes, when they find potential safety hazards, they immediately stop, so this semester my class spent every day safely; Spring and summer are the season of frequent infectious diseases, each day our two teachers.As soon as we enter the classroom, the first thing is to open the windows, ventilate and disinfect all kinds of things to welcome every child; in peacetime, in order to let the children develop good habits, we insist on washing their hands before and after meals. When we wash, we can keep good order, pay attention to the safety of the children, and give them the correct way to wash their hands, so that the children do not talk during lunch.If you finish your meal quietly and happily, don't be picky or partial. Give guidance to children who are picky and slow in eating, and gradually cultivate good eating habits for children. During napping, it is strictly required that children develop good napping habits, cultivate correct sleeping posture and fall asleep quietly.2. Teaching Work: Make every work plan conscientiously and complete all teaching work strictly according to the plan.Every morning, we should try our best to take the children out for morning activities, breathe fresh air and develop their sports skills; study activities should be carried out according to weekly plans, and we should change the situation that we used to emphasize language, mathematics and singing activities, pay attention to all aspects of children's development and enrich their knowledge; after lunch, we completed early reading and mental abacus calculation before school.Characteristic teaching work, early reading mainly uses many methods to guide children's learning, such as teacher's teaching, children's leading and so on. Children are often asked to take turns as primary teachers, especially children with slow acceptance ability, to enhance their self-confidence and performance ability.Abacus mental arithmetic is mainly to let children do more and practice more. Teachers often use their spare time to carry out some mental arithmetic contests and cultivate children's mental arithmetic ability.(3) The development of various activities: 1. At the beginning of school, in the shortest period of time, we prepared a parent-child activity to celebrate the 38th anniversary of my love for my mother. We were deeply impressed by the wonderful performances of children and parents. A song "All mothers in the world are the same" and the children's true confessions made mothers tears filled their eyes. This is a love education, which is not only about educating children.At the same time, we are being educated.2. On April 7th, we earnestly carried out the subject activity class. After observing the activities of Grade 1 and Grade 1, we immediately made a summary and made a great adjustment to the materials in each area. We achieved the principle of combining materials with themes and alternating space position with movement and static. Through the development of this activity, we can see many practical problems, such as how teachers treat children in activities.Subregion transfer?What materials are children's favorite and so on.With this experience, there will be a step of growth.3. Collective Dance Show on June 1st.After many discussions, we adopted the method of appearing in two batches. The weak acceptance was arranged in the second batch. The action was relatively simple. We joined a situational performance, which injected new vitality into the program. Every parent saw his children's performance, not only happy, but also some.Moved, many parents of a teacher, you really are not simple, teachers, you have worked hard to let us feel that our hard work is worth it.4. Sports Skills Competition.In this skill competition, I saw the potential of children. More than a dozen children took more than 120 pictures in a minute,

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