Personal Experience Sharing of Abdominal Surgery and Hospitalization in Jishuitan Hospital time 2019-05-12-2019-05-16 place Beijing Jishuitan Huilongguan Branch Participant Bao Da: Doing odds and ends, becoming a father at first Baoma: The heroine, first mother, first child Mother-in-law: Doing odds and ends Baby: Male protagonist, new arrival, birth Detailed passage Antenatal preparation Po Ma prepare Neonatal preparation Other considerations Note: Above is the necessary supplies during hospital production. During the month, these essential items must be prepared more. flow of amniotic fluid at child birth 5.12In the afternoon of May 12, we found that there was a breakage of water. At this time, we need not panic. First, the pregnant woman should relax, lie down flat, and raise her hips to prevent amniotic fluid from flowing out continuously. Then we dialed 120 to ask for the support of the nearest 120 ambulance (I was also the first time to dial, more nervous, 120 would ask about the location and the situation of the pregnant woman). The ambulance came very soon.Before the ambulance arrives, the baby's waiting bag will be prepared in advance (see the newborn preparation section above for details). The mother must have all the items ready to be counted. She can comfort the puerpera and wait patiently.About ten minutes later, the ambulance arrived, three medical staf participated, and Papa also participated. The pregnant woman lay flat on the stretcher and got on the bus and rushed to the hospital. Personal experience: It is best to go to the hospital by ambulance. Special vehicles will not be jammed. They are fast and accompanied by medical staf. At the same time, family members should keep calm, comfort the puerpera and wait scientifically.Because the ambulance was not mattress, so they prepared the mattress to prevent maternal cold. Emergency treatment It took more than 20 minutes to get to Jishuitan Hospital. First of all: go to the emergency process (I am weekend, if normal, also suggest to go to the emergency, because the emergency has a special person, special windows, etc.), emergency consulting, followup process is as follows: 1. Transfer from ambulance to ordinary mobile beds.The lobby on the first floor is close to it. There are beds for rent. The deposit cash is 200 yuan. Take the deposit bar.After the ambulance was transferred to the ordinary mobile bed, more than 200 yuan (cash) was paid for the ambulance. 2. Registration, weekends or working days will have emergency window, with all the information archived, and social security card, to the emergency window registration (although there is no egg, should be to the maternity room for inspection). The delivery room on the third and fifth floor.After registration, we went straight to the delivery room on the fifth floor (the moving beds are really hard to push, and they hit the wall several times). Delivery room experience After being pushed into the delivery room, family members can only wait outside.Maternal mothers can carry mobile phones to facilitate communication with the outside world. Maternal in the maternity room mainly through (my daughter-in-law briefly described) change hospital clothes (including shoes), the final various examinations.After about 20 minutes, the doctor will sign all kinds of signatures (meaning all kinds of risks, possibilities, etc.).Doctors do not ask Bao Da to go to the first floor of the hospital for admission procedures, in order to carry out the next operation.So I rushed to the first floor of the hospital for emergency hospitalization procedures (deposit 5000, need birth service, social security card mortgage), and then went to the maternity room to find a doctor.About a few minutes later, the doctor pushed BMW out and explained several things as follows: 1. Push the pregnant woman to the operating room on the fourth floor, where the anesthesiologist will wait for the connector. 2. Return the bed to the first floor for deposit 3. Return the clothes in the maternity room covered by the maternal body to the maternity room. 4. Purchase of waiting packages (only in hospital canteens, and only about 600 cash) Operation When everything is ready, send Baoma to the operating room.The anaesthetist will tell the anesthesiologist the details of the anesthesia and need your signature. Then the anaesthetic needle will be injected. The next step is to enter the operating room directly.(I

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