Summary of Escape Exercise Chapter 1: Summary of Emergency Evacuation Exercise *** Summary of Emergency Evacuation Exercise in Campus *** Summary of the Exercise is to enhance students'awareness of fire safety, enhance their ability of self-rescue, test and train the emergency disposal ability of school safety management department. Our school organized students to conduct fire emergency evacuation exercise in teaching building on June 8, 2016.473 students participated in the exercise. With the cooperation of students, all the teachers and students evacuated the teaching building safely and orderly in 2 minutes and 43 seconds according to the "Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan" formulated in advance by the college, and successfully completed the task of the emergency evacuation exercise.In view of the fire emergency evacuation exercise, combined with the overall deployment of the school, the security department is mainly responsible for the inspection, maintenance of fire facilities and equipment and cleaning of safe evacuation passages in the early stage of the exercise; in the course of the exercise, it mainly takes on the tasks of students'emergency evacuation and fire alarm, alarm and initiation of fire emergency procedures; after the evacuation, it is responsible for the teaching building.Check one by one to ensure that no one is trapped in the room and to protect the property safety of the teaching building.According to the school's "Fire Emergency Evacuation Plan" deployment, the security department carefully arranged, all staff attach great importance to, each faculty is in place, each is responsible and conscientious, so that the exercise task is successfully completed.Combining with the specific situation of the drill, the security department makes a careful summary, accumulates experience and finds out deficiencies. The purpose is to take the fire drill as an opportunity to obtain learning opportunities and improve emergency skills, thus providing valuable experience for real emergency response.The following is a summary of the fire drill conducted by the Security Department.First, school leaders attach great importance to the exercise. Deploying campus security construction in person is the foundation and prerequisite for building a harmonious campus.Student safety has always been the top priority of student management.In accordance with the actual work and various considerations, and in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations of our country, the Security Department has formulated and promulgated and implemented several emergency plans for student emergencies.Among them, "Fire Emergency Plan" played an important role in the fire drill.In view of this emergency evacuation exercise, the leadership and Security Department of the college attaches great importance to it.In the formulation of the whole emergency plan, the leaders of the college have shown great concern, support and help in all stages from the planning, preparation, organization and implementation of the exercise to the formal exercise. The leaders of the campus also attach great importance to the exercise. They have carefully examined the exercise plan, determined the purpose of the exercise and the deployment of the participants, and coordinated the cooperation of teachers in charge of each class to ensure the performance.Successful completion of the study task.Second, the purpose of the exercise is clear. For the success or failure of the exercise plan, the key is to plan the exercise plan well, and the first prerequisite for planning the exercise plan is to define the purpose of the exercise.According to the actual situation and the number and characteristics of students, the Security Department and the Department's students'disciplines carefully studied, discussed and finally made clear the purpose of the exercise, referring to the School's "Implementation Plan of Fire Exercise". That is, to enhance the fire safety awareness of students, to improve the ability of fire escape and self-rescue, to test the students' fire emergency procedures and the ability of students'staff to receive, alarm, organize and evacuate students.To inspect and train the school's ability to defend and respond to emergencies, to inspect the implementation of the school's fire emergency plan and the operation of fire protection facilities.Through exercises to verify the feasibility of the emergency pla

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